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How to set up CafePress with OrbitKit

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Products supported: All
โ€‹Title: Limited to 50 characters
Description: No limit we know of
Tags: Takes the top 10
OrbitKit chops text at word boundaries

Fair warning: CafePress is creaky old technology, the company has been sold multiple times, and we're constantly wondering when/if they are going to shut down. Unless you're one of the few people who has figured out how to make money on CafePress, we recommend doing this one last.

Blueprint setup instructions


OrbitKit will re-synchronize pricing and product assortment (including colors) from the Blueprint. OrbitKit places art on CafePress in a generic way so updating art position will not have an effect.


OrbitKit handles artwork positioning on CafePress differently from other platforms. With CafePress, OrbitKit ignores artwork positioning information in blueprints, choosing instead to always place artwork front, center, and large. If you find any cases where this doesn't produce good looking results, please reach out to us in the support chat widget.


  • OrbitKit trims away transparent space from your images while uploading them to CafePress. This is the only way artwork can be positioned appropriately on all products. This isn't really a "Gotcha" but it's something you might want to know.

  • CafePress had a long period where they were unable to save tags (not even though their UI), but they seem to have fixed that. If you still see problems, please let us know.

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