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Using Fine Art America
Using Fine Art America

How to set up Fine Art America with OrbitKit

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OrbitKit chops text at word boundaries

Fine Art America has one special quirk. If your artwork includes transparency (and almost everyone's does), FAA asks for a background color. They use this to print the whole area of posters and wall art.

Unfortunately, there's no way for us to pull this information out of the blueprint, so you have to explicitly specify this in your OrbitKit blueprint:


OrbitKit will re-synchronize everything from the Blueprint. There isn't a way of disabling products so all products are always enabled, but we will re-synchronize color, pricing, and art position.


  • FAA only allows 25 designs to be uploaded before paying a $30 annual fee.

  • FAA likes large artsy images or photographic-quality images. You probably won't sell a lot of text-heavy designs.

  • If you want to take best advantage of FAA, you may want to upload super-detailed designs in JPG format. This makes the size manageable and eliminates the transparency issue (the JPG format does not support transparency). PNGs still work, of course.

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