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Introduction to OrbitKit

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Für alle deutschsprachigen Orbitkit Nutzer, hier ein paar Tutorials.

OrbitKit is a comprehensive print-on-demand platform for professional merchants. Our goal is to automate the tedious parts of your business so you can concentrate on creating and selling merchandise.

The core of OrbitKit is our unique Design Management System. You will create an organized library of your designs with appropriate metadata (titles, tags, etc). Once your designs are in your OrbitKit library, you can easily put them up for sale on many products in a variety of marketplaces with just a few buttonclicks.

This video is intended to give you the "feel" of OrbitKit's daily workflow. It is not a comprehensive tutorial - there are more videos for that.

To continue, the articles in the Introduction category are intended to be read in-order.

OrbitKit Fulfillment vs Alternatives vs OrbitKit Plus

OrbitKit offers multiple complementary services for publishing your designs:

  1. OrbitKit Fulfillment is our integrated print network. There are no subscription fees; you pay only for products ordered. This currently works with Shopify and Etsy, but we are working to expand to other marketplaces.

  2. OrbitKit Fulfillment Alternatives are platforms that do not use OrbitKit's fulfillment services, but you are welcome to use for free (no subscription necessary). These are Printful and Printify.

  3. OrbitKit Plus is a paid subscription service that publishes your designs to marketplaces that automatically print and fulfill products on their own (eg Redbubble, TeePublic, Teespring, etc). 

You may use any of these services. They all work with OrbitKit's core Design Management System. More information at: What is the difference between OrbitKit Fulfillment and OrbitKit Plus?

"With great power comes great responsibility"

You must not upload IP infringing content to OrbitKit. If we discover blackhat (or even greyhat!) content, we will terminate your service and pull down any content we published. Bad behavior threatens the viability of our service and the credibility of all the other users of OrbitKit. Be a good guy, m'kay?

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