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OrbitKit is a Design Management System for artists and digital marketers. You can upload your designs, give them metadata (titles, descriptions, tags), and exhibit them at popular marketplaces with just a few buttonclicks.

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OrbitKit Fulfillment vs OrbitKit Plus

OrbitKit offers two complementary services for publishing your designs:

  1. OrbitKit Fulfillment is our high-quality, fast, in-house print service. There are no subscription fees; you pay only for products ordered. This currently works with Shopify and Etsy, but we are working to expand to other marketplaces.

  2. OrbitKit Plus is a paid subscription service that publishes your designs to marketplaces that automatically print and fulfill products on their own (eg Redbubble, TeePublic, Teespring, etc). 

You may use either (or none!) of these services. More information at: What is the difference between OrbitKit Fulfillment and OrbitKit Plus?

"With great power comes great responsibility"

POD platforms have long been hostile to bulk upload tools because they are often used by bad actors to upload low-quality and IP infringing content. OrbitKit is not magic, and we do not have formal agreements with many of the sites we upload to. You must not upload IP infringing content to OrbitKit. If we discover blackhat (or even greyhat!) content, we will terminate your service and pull down any content we published. That threatens the viability of the service and the credibility of all the other users of OrbitKit. Be a good guy, m'kay?

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