New! Tags that start with $ are private to you - they are not published to POD platforms. Adding and removing private tags will not trigger exhibit updates.

Also new! Drag tags from your designs or the Tags page onto the sidebar to save them as "favorite" tags. Click on them to select those designs. Drag them off the sidebar if you don't want them anymore.

Tags are ordered.

Most POD platforms only accept a limited number of tags, some as few as 10. To ensure your designs are published with the most relevant tags, you should prioritize your tags.

On any design, you can drag and drop tags into the order you prefer. But there's a trick to this - if you drag "dogs" in front of "cats", then "dogs" will be prioritized before "cats"* on all of your designs. Tags are ordered globally in your organization; you don't need to edit tags on every single design.

Generally speaking, you want “more selective” tags ahead of more general tags.

Example:  schnauser, dogs, pets

When you create poodle, you just need to drag poodle ahead of dogs and then all the poodle designs will have poodle, dogs, pets as the order

There is a downside to this - you cannot have dogs-before-cats on one design and cats-before-dogs on another. But it should allow you to get your most relevant tags towards the front of the list without excessive buttonclicking. Generally you just need to edit one of the designs in each grouping.

Tags Change When Published

To make searching easier, tags in OrbitKit are always lowercase and use dashes instead of whitespace. So you might have tags like cat-lover  and dog-lover. When published to POD platforms, OrbitKit automatically converts these to cat lover  and dog lover.

Don't Put Product Names In Tags

Some sellers try to cram product names into tags, eg grandpa-shirt, grandpa-iphone-case, etc. This is a bad idea for a couple reasons:

  1. Your design will be put on many products, including things that are not shirts and phone cases. The tags will be wrong.
  2. Platforms universally dislike like this kind of tag spam.
  3. Some platforms (notably Redbubble) silently drop spammy tags. If you put 'shirt' in your top N tags (where N is the max tags allowed by the platform), your products will be published with no tags whatsoever.
  4. There doesn't appear to be any concrete evidence that this sort of search engine gaming actually works.

Bulk Editing

Don't forget to check out the new CSV metadata import on the Import/Export menu! You can edit your name, description, and tags of your designs using a spreadsheet on your desktop. When you submit this CSV file, OrbitKit will update its database.

* As they should be

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