Each POD service uses a slightly different vocabulary and the word salad can get confusing fast. A "product" in one system might refer to a specific type of shirt; in another it might be your design.

With OrbitKit we've tried to use a set of words that do not conflict with any platform's terminology. This may seem a little jarring, but we hope it will avoid ambiguity and confusion. Here is what you need to know:

  • A Design is one piece of your artwork, plus its name, description, and tags.

  • Platform refers to a POD service. For example: Teespring, Redbubble, Spreadshirt are platforms.

  • A Venue is a specific account at a platform. You may, for example, want to register multiple Teespring accounts with OrbitKit - each is a separate venue. Note that throttles are per-platform, so this won't let you publish faster :-)

  • A Blueprint is a pointer to a design you have already set up (by hand) at a venue. When OrbitKit publishes one of your designs, it "makes it like this blueprint" with regard to price, product assortment, color, and any other niche features of the platform (eg hand color for clocks on Redbubble). 

  • An Archetype is a collection of blueprints across all of your venues. When you assign an archetype to a design, OrbitKit will ensure that the design always has exhibits for the associated blueprints.

  • An Exhibit is a published (or soon-to-be published) design at a venue. When you assign an Archetype to a design (or manually exhibit designs), OrbitKit creates an exhibit. Exhibits start out empty and waiting (see the article on Exhibit States) but eventually get published to a venue as a campaign/work/product/etc.

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