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Introduction to Archetypes
Introduction to Archetypes

What are Archetypes and why should you use them?

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Archetypes are an arbitrary collection of blueprints. There are two ways to use archetypes.

As Presets For Manually Exhibiting

If you want to stick with manually creating exhibits, this makes life a little easier for you. Choosing an archetype on the Manually Exhibit dialog will select those blueprints. Think of them as saved presets, like your car radio.

Putting Archetypes In Charge

If you'd like OrbitKit to manage creating and destroying exhibits for you, you can set an archetype on your designs. Designs with archetypes will always have exactly one exhibit for each blueprint in the archetype. Changing the archetype on a design will add or destroy exhibits to conform to the archetype.

Designs with archetypes cannot be manually exhibited. Removing the archetype from a design reverts it to manual control; no exhibits will be destroyed.

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