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Get recurring credit for referring friends to OrbitKit!

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Have friends who might be interested in OrbitKit? A blog or podcast audience? Refer them through a custom link - they get a discount and you receive 20% recurring revenue share of their OrbitKit Everywhere subscription.

The terms:

  • On your Settings page you can find a special link that looks like<mycode>. You can customize your code. Anyone who clicks on that link is "tagged" in browser local storage for 60 days.

  • Users who sign up for OrbitKit (create an organization) through your link are tagged (permanently) as your referral.

  • Your referrals will receive a special offer: Their first month of OrbitKit Everywhere for $5 ($20 for Pro). You get to keep the $5/$20. 

  • You will receive 20% of any further OrbitKit Everywhere revenue generated by that organization, for 10 years after their signup date. Even if they cancel and restart later.

  • This 20% applies to any subscription revenue, including plan upgrades (and downgrades).

  • Refunds and other billing modifications may reduce the applicable revenue. To allow us to continue to maintain a generous refund policy, we pay out referral credit on a 35 day delay.

  • Referral credit balance will be automatically used to offset your OrbitKit Everywhere invoices, if you have an active subscription.

  • If your balance grows, you can receive payouts via Paypal mass pay. There's a button in OrbitKit. We cover transaction costs, but the minimum payout is $20.

  • This applies to the OrbitKit Everywhere subscriptions, not OrbitKit Fulfillment (our print-on-demand service for Shopify with no monthly subscription fee). The small margins for fulfillment could not possibly support this kind of arrangement!

  • However, we keep track of your referrals - if an OrbitKit Fulfillment user later signs up for OrbitKit Everywhere (even years later), you will receive credit.

The official start of the recurring revenue plan is 1/1/2019. Past referrals have been retroactively imported into the new system.

We may update the terms of this program.

I hope this doesn't need to be said but: No spamming! Feel free to publicize OrbitKit in appreciative mailing lists and communities, but be a good citizen of the internet. While we reserve the right to terminate affiliates for any reason, we actually will terminate affiliates for egregious violations of legal and ethical norms.

As always, reach out with any questions.

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