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What if I want to manually edit my exhibits?
What if I want to manually edit my exhibits?

How to use Sync Profiles

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Normally you cannot safely edit your exhibits at POD platforms because OrbitKit might resynchronize (and overwrite your changes) at any time. However, you can customize this behavior. For example:

  • You might want to publish different tags to a particular venue or platform

  • You might want to have custom mockup images

  • You might want to hand-position artwork for some of your listings

One option is to freeze exhibits after they are published. That works, but it prevents OrbitKit from updating anything. Sync Profiles give you fine-grained ability to decide what aspects of listings should be updated. For example, here's a sync profile which syncs everything but tags:

You can now apply this sync profile in three ways:

  • You can set a default sync profile for a whole venue

  • You can set a sync profile for a blueprint (or let it default to the venue setting)

  • You can set a sync profile for an exhibit (or let it default to the blueprint setting)

Sync Profiles Only Affect Updates

On first publish (when the listing is created), all data is automatically "synced", irrespective of the sync profile. The sync profile only affects subsequent updates.

Sync Profiles Are Platform-Specific

Other than the "FULL" profile, all sync profiles are specific to a particular platform. Profiles you create for Etsy only apply to Etsy venues/blueprints/exhibits.

Different Platforms Have Different Options

The options available for synchronization vary from platform to platform. Etsy allows you to disable syncing of mockup images; that makes no sense at Redbubble. Some platforms have no sync options at all (and thus the Sync Profile box is hidden). If you want additional options, reach out to support and ask.

You Can Search/Select Exhibits By Sync Profile

You can filter exhibits by sync profile. The help drawer gives you a box to help formulate the search criteria:

This will find exhibits that have an explicit sync profile. The default blueprint and venue values do not affect search results.

You Can Bulk Set Sync Profile On Exhibits

There's an item on the action menu for the Exhibits page which will set (or unset) the Sync Profile for selected exhibits:

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