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How should I publish adult themed designs?
How should I publish adult themed designs?

What does the 'mature' setting do for designs?

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Some POD platforms support a way of marking designs for adults only:

  • Redbubble has "Is this mature content?"

  • Fine Art America has "Work Safe" (or not)

OrbitKit allows you to designate designs as 'mature'; any time these designs are published, they will set the relevant 'mature' setting at the venue.

Product Assortment

Some platforms do not allow adult content on certain products (eg, Redbubble doesn't allow it on face masks). If you enable the mature flag, we disable certain products:

  • Redbubble - face masks, youth/toddler shirts and hoodies

  • Spreadshirt - any products flagged as ("no adult content") in their API

If there are products you think we should disable on other platforms, please reach out to support.

Setting The Mature Flag

You can set the mature flag on individual designs:

You can set the mature flag using the bulk edit tool:


You can use a special search term @MATURE to query for mature designs. The 'not' operator works too: !@MATURE.

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