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How to set up Printify with OrbitKit

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There are a number of gotchas, please read carefully. Because there is a complicated chain of communication (eg OrbitKit -> Printify -> Shopify), there are inherent limitations to this integration that do not exist with more direct connections.


Start by making sure you've logged into Printify in your browser, then create a new Printify Venue in OrbitKit and click the Connect button:

This will open a popup to Printify where you can approve the connection.

Click allow to accept the connection:


When setting up your blueprint listing at Printify, make sure that colors, prices, etc are all set as you like:

For products that make sense to be double sided, like mugs, add an image layer at each location on the printable area you'd like your design image to be placed. OrbitKit will place your design centered at the image location(s) in your blueprint. If you prefer, you can do single sided mugs either on the Left or the Right side, just place your image on the corresponding side and OrbitKit will use that side:

You can also choose to fill the available print area to do "Full Bleed" prints on mugs or masks. If we see that your blueprint image takes up 90% or more of the available width, we'll place your design image filling the available space, which is often used for designs that have repeating patterns.


One limitation with Printify currently is that we can't set the mockup view to match what's set on your blueprint listing. We always get the default mockup view. For now the workaround is to set the view manually after OrbitKit publishes each listing:

You'll be taken to this page where you can change the default. For some products like front-sided shirts the default may be fine, but for mugs you'll probably want to change it:

Printify is working on a fix for setting the default mockup view, and we'll incorporate it as soon as we hear from them that they've fixed it. If you’d like Printify to prioritize this, please send them a nicely worded request by emailing


  • We currently support over 500 products from Printify's catalog. However, embroidery and many items that have a lot of panels that get sewn together aren't yet supported. You'll get an error message when trying to add a blueprint with a product we don't support. Reach out in the support chat if you'd like us to add one of these products and we'll prioritize it.

  • Enabling "Publish to Store" (which tells Printify to auto-publish to the marketplace) can trigger rate limits during publishing. If you have this problem, it can be solved by disabling "Publish to Store", letting OrbitKit publish exhibits to Printify, and then bulk-publishing the listings from the Printify UI.

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