Let's say you have multiple TeePublic accounts. You can create multiple TeePublic venues in OrbitKit and connect each one to a different account using the Airlock chrome extension, but it requires some care.

Here's what you should NOT do: Log into account #1, run airlock, log out of account #1, log into account #2, run airlock, etc. When you click the logout button, this will log OrbitKit out too!

To make this work, you must log into each account and run airlock in turn, without clicking the logout button. The easiest way to do this is with Chrome's incognito windows.

First, make sure that the Airlock chrome extension is enabled for use in incognito mode:


  1. Open an incognito window
  2. Visit www.teepublic.com (or whatever site you're working with) 
  3. Log into account #1
  4. Run airlock, connect this account to the appropriate OrbitKit venue
  5. Close all incognito windows
  6. Go back to the first step and repeat with account #2

It's critical to close all incognito windows; this means when you open a new incognito window, it will have an empty set of cookies and you will not be logged in.

If you have trouble, reach out to us using OrbitKit's chat widget.

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