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How can I use multiple accounts with Airlock?
How can I use multiple accounts with Airlock?

How to have multiple Redbubble, Spreadshirt, Teespring, etc accounts

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Let's say you have multiple SpreadshirtNA accounts. You can create multiple SpreadshirtNA venues in OrbitKit and connect each one to a different account using the Airlock chrome extension, but it requires some care.

Here's what you should NOT do: Log into account #1, run airlock, log out of account #1, log into account #2, run airlock, etc. When you click the logout button, this will log OrbitKit out too!

To make this work, you must log into each account and run airlock in turn, without clicking the logout button.  The easiest way is just to clear your browser's cookies. But that can be inconvenient!

A less destructive solution is to create separate Chrome browsing profiles - different 'People'. Each profile has a separate set of cookies. Here's Google's help for creating and switching between multiple profiles.

You will need to install Airlock separately in each profile. Then treat each profile like completely separate browsers - you can have one for Redbubble Account #1 and a second profile for Redbubble Account #2. They both can connect to the same OrbitKit organization and authenticate your venues.

If you have trouble, reach out to us using OrbitKit's chat widget.

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