OrbitKit Fulfillment is our in-house print-on-demand service which fulfills orders from marketplaces that do not print for you. Currently this is Shopify and Etsy, although we are working on others. There is no monthly charge to publish designs to Shopify or Etsy, nor is there any limit to limit to how fast you can publish designs (other than Shopify's or Etsy's API rate limits). You pay only for orders that are sold and shipped.

If you publish to Shopify or Etsy venues with OrbitKit, you are using OrbitKit Fulfillment. You do not need a subscription to OrbitKit Plus to publish to Shopify. New Shopify or Etsy exhibits go straight to PUBLISHING, they are never WAITING.

OrbitKit Plus is a subscription service that publishes your designs on traditional print-on-demand marketplaces like Redbubble and Spreadshirt. These marketplaces sell and print your designs on a variety of products; OrbitKit Plus only publishes the listings and keeps them in sync with your library. 

We charge a monthly fee that varies by how fast you wish to publish your designs. OrbitKit Plus is an optional service; without an active OrbitKit Plus subscription, exhibits for these venues will remain in WAITING.

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