There are no monthly fees to use OrbitKit Fulfillment. We charge you only for products sold and shipped.

Product Prices

For each product fulfilled, we will charge you:

  • Basic Tee (typically Gildan 64000) - $8.50
  • Premium Tee (typically Bella 3001) - $10.50
  • Basic Hoodie (typically Gildan 18500) - $18
  • Premium Hoodie (typically Bella 3719) - $26.10
  • Premium Tank Top (typically Bella 3480) - $14.49
  • Premium Women's Tee (typically Bella 6004) - $12.10
  • Premium Youth Tee (typically Anvil 990B) - $10.61

We say "typically" because we will (rarely) substitute an alternative brand of equal or greater quality when the original is unavailable or cannot be obtained in a timely manner. This has affected only a tiny percentage of orders so far, but may grow as supply chains struggle with Covid-19.

There are surcharges for 2XL and larger sizes which reflect our costs. They range from $1.50 for a 2XL tee to $4 for a 4XL tee. These are set up for the variants in your listings automatically so that the costs are passed as-is to the customer.

More products will be added soon. We're just getting started!


For shipping within the United States, we will charge you:

  • First item for $3.99
  • Additional items for $0.50 each

Shipping outside the United States varies by country:

  • CA, AT, BE, DK, FI, NL, NO, PL, SE, CH - $6.50 first item / $1.50 per additional
  • GB, ES, GR, IE, IL, PT - $6.75 / $1.50
  • DE, IT - $6.30 / $1.50
  • FR - $5.40 / $1.50
  • JP - $5.60 / $1.50
  • AU, NZ - $7 / $1.50
  • BR, SG, HK, KR, CR, ET, GI, HU, LV, LT, LU, MY, MT, RU - $6.00 / $1.50
  • Everywhere else - $10.50 / $3

Shopify Delivery Profile

When you install OrbitKit in your Shopify store, OrbitKit creates a delivery profile that will automatically charge your customers exactly these rates. You may choose this delivery profile when publishing products with OrbitKit, or you may use any other delivery profile you create ("free shipping" is popular). You can also update it later.

Note that due to a technical limitation of Shopify, OrbitKit's delivery profile will not charge customers additional shipping fees beyond 20 items in one transaction, although we will still charge you for shipping these items[1].

It's possible these rates may change in the future (hopefully, down!). If so, we will automatically update your OrbitKit delivery profile.

Payment Schedule

OrbitKit will roll up all charges into a single daily invoice. Be sure to keep a valid payment method on file. Failed charges will result in delays to customer orders!

Note that OrbitKit Fulfillment is invoiced separately from OrbitKit Everywhere.

[1] - Yeah, this is awkward and we don't like it either. Shopify's delivery profiles don't directly support "$X for first item, $Y for each additional" so we fake it using shipping weights. The problem is that we can't define shipping costs for an infinite number of weights. We currently specify costs for up to 20 items (21+ is the same as 20). Contact us if you have questions about this.

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