There are no monthly fees to use OrbitKit Fulfillment. We charge you only for orders placed. Our product catalog, including pricing, is on our website.

Blank Models

We do not promise a specific product blank model, though our catalog shows the model typically used for each category (eg, Premium Tee is typically the Bella 3001). We say "typically" because we may substitute an equivalent product from a different brand when the original is unavailable or cannot be obtained in a timely manner. This flexibility helps us maintain quick shipping times, even when supply chains become stressed.

Extra Large Size Surcharges

There are surcharges for 2XL and larger sizes which reflect our costs. These are set up for the variants in your listings automatically so that the costs are passed as-is to the customer.


OrbitKit just passes through shipping fees to you, charged by weight. We don't make money on shipping. The shipping tables are a wall of text and not easy to describe.

  • Shipping a single tee to a US address costs $4.38.

  • Shipping a single hoodie to a US address costs $8.63.

  • Since we charge by weight (like the carriers do), shipping additional items is often quite cheap (and sometimes free). For example, shipping a hoodie and a tee to a US address is still just $8.63.

Shopify/Etsy Shipping Profiles

When you install OrbitKit in your Shopify or Etsy store, OrbitKit creates shipping profiles that will automatically charge your customers these rates. You may choose this shipping profile when publishing products with OrbitKit, or you may use any other shipping profile you create ("free shipping" is popular). You can also update it later.

It's possible these rates may change in the future (hopefully, down!). If so, we will automatically update your OrbitKit shipping profile.

Ships From

Currently all products are shipped from the US.

  • Apparel is shipped from the US west coast.

  • Mugs are shipped from the US east coast.

Shipping is charged separately for apparel and mugs; an order with a tee and a mug will have two shipments (and two shipping fees).

Payment Schedule

OrbitKit will roll up all charges into a single daily invoice. Be sure to keep a valid payment method on file. Failed charges will result in delays to customer orders!

Note that fulfillment orders are invoiced separately from OrbitKit Everywhere.

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