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How to set up Shopify with OrbitKit

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The rest of this document assumes you are familiar with OrbitKit and that you have read the Introduction documentation. It also assumes you have already created a Shopify store.

The steps to selling on Shopify with OrbitKit:

  • Set up a Shopify venue

  • Create one or more Blueprints

  • Add a payment method

  • Exhibit your Designs

Set Up A Shopify Venue

An OrbitKit Venue represents your connection to a platform account, in this case a Shopify store. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1: Add OrbitKit Print-On-Demand To Your Shopify Store

In your Shopify store admin dashboard, click on Apps and then Visit the Shopify App Store.

Search the Shopify App Store for OrbitKit. Install the OrbitKit Print On Demand app.

You will be asked:

  1. To approve the installation of this app in your store.

  2. If you are not logged into OrbitKit, to sign in

  3. If you do not have an OrbitKit Organization, to create one

After this is completed, you will have a new Venue in your OrbitKit organization named the same as your Shopify store (eg,

Option 2: Connect An OrbitKit Venue To Your Shopify Store

If you are already logged into your Organization at OrbitKit, create a new Shopify Venue:

Click on Connect and tell OrbitKit which Shopify shop you want to connect to:

Accept the permission dialog. Your Venue is now connected to your Shopify shop.

Create One Or More Blueprints

A blueprint is a set of instructions for publishing a listing to Shopify. You always publish designs using a blueprint.

At your OrbitKit venue, click Add Blueprint and pick which product should be offered for sale in the listing:

On this page, you can edit details such as price and colors:

The blueprint is now ready to be used.

Add A Payment Method

Before OrbitKit can fulfill orders, you must put a credit card on file. If you do not have a valid payment method, fulfillment requests will be rejected.

Visit your Settings page and click "Add Payment Method":

Exhibit your Designs

Publishing designs to Shopify is identical to the process of publishing designs with other platforms. Pick designs and exhibit them using your chosen blueprints. For more details about how this works, watch the tutorial on Venues, Blueprints, and Exhibits.

Fulfill Orders

When customers place orders at your Shopify store that contain OrbitKit products, Shopify marks these items as "unfulfilled". There are two ways to fulfill these orders.

Manually Request Fulfillment

For each individual order, you can click the "Request Fulfillment" button:

This will begin the process that prints and ships the customer's order.

You can configure a store-wide setting that will automatically fulfill orders as soon as they arrive. This will result in the fastest processing times for your customers.

Click Settings -> Checkout, and then enable this flag:

We also strongly recommend "Notify customers of their shipment" so they will receive tracking numbers.

Shopify Throttling

Shopify throttles how fast you can publish to regular Shopify accounts. After you hit 50k variants, you are limited to 1,000 variants per day. While this sounds like a lot, each color/size combination is a separate variant so if you have 7 colors for a product with 5 sizes, that's 35 variants per product! You'll hit 50k at 1400 products, and be throttled to 28 publishes per day.

The workarounds:

  • Upgrade to Shopify Plus. Plus accounts do not have limits, but are very expensive ($2k per month).

  • Reduce the number of colors in your blueprint. Two colors for a product with 5 sizes is only 10 variants per product. You can add more colors to your blueprint later after everything has published.

  • Create multiple stores.

If you are throttled by Shopify, OrbitKit will put your venue on "timeout" and stop publishing for 24 hours.

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