Exhibits API

The /exhibits API endpoint

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Obtain the data for a single exhibit with key EXH123. The response looks like:

"key": "EXH123",
"design": {
"key": "DES123",
...all the other fields of a design object...
"blueprint": {
"key": "BLU123",
"name": "Unisex Tee",
"venue": {
"key": "VEN456",
"name": "My Etsy Venue",
"platform": "Etsy"
"state": "READY", // one of the exhibit states
"editLink": "optional URL to the edit page at the POD service",
"buyLink": "optional URL to the buy page at the POD service"

The editLink and buyLink may not be present for all POD platforms, even for READY exhibits. For example, Spreadshirt does not have a clear buy link for a design.

Requests for invalid keys produce 410 GONE (to explicitly distinguish from 404).

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