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How to set up Etsy with OrbitKit

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The term 'Etsy' is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.

This document assumes you are familiar with OrbitKit and that you have read the Introduction documentation. It also assumes you have already created an Etsy shop. Note that you must create at least one product in your Etsy shop (by hand) before Etsy makes it usable with applications like OrbitKit.

The steps to selling on Etsy with OrbitKit:

  • Set up an Etsy venue

  • Create one or more Blueprints

  • Add a payment method

  • Exhibit your Designs

Set Up An Etsy Venue

An OrbitKit Venue represents your connection to a platform account, in this case an Etsy store. If you are already logged into your Organization at OrbitKit, create a new Etsy Venue:

Make sure your browser is logged into your Etsy account, then click on Connect:

Accept the permission dialog. Your Venue is now connected to your Etsy store.

Create One Or More Blueprints

A blueprint is a set of instructions for publishing a listing to Etsy. You always publish designs using a blueprint.

At your OrbitKit venue, click Add Blueprint and pick which product should be offered for sale in the listing:

On this page, you can edit details such as price and colors:

The blueprint is now ready to be used.

Add A Payment Method

Before OrbitKit can fulfill orders, you must put a credit card on file. If you do not have a valid payment method, Etsy orders will not be fulfilled.

Visit your Settings page and click "Add Payment Method":

Exhibit your Designs

Publishing designs to Etsy is identical to the process of publishing designs with other platforms. Pick designs and exhibit them using your chosen blueprints. For more details about how this works, watch the tutorial on Venues, Blueprints, and Exhibits.

New Etsy listings are created in Draft mode. If you'd like the option of creating them in Published mode, reach out to OrbitKit support.

Fulfill Orders

When customers place orders at your Etsy store that contain OrbitKit products, OrbitKit will create an Order record. New orders may take up to an hour to register.

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