The shipping profile for your listings is set when the listing is published and will be updated when the listing is re-synchronized. The profile used is determined in your venue configuration:

When you connect your Etsy venue, OrbitKit creates a shipping profile called "OrbitKit Shipping Costs". This profile matches the shipping costs you will be charged, and will be automatically updated when/if these costs change (hopefully, down!)

You do not need to use the OrbitKit-generated shipping profile; you can use any shipping profile in your store (including the ever-popular "free shipping"). Note that this profile only controls what your customers are charged; OrbitKit always charges you according to our pricing schedule.

If you want to change the shipping profile for your listings, change the profile configuration in your venue and re-sync your exhibits.

Carrier & Mail Class (optional)

To be able to calculate delivery times for customers, Etsy allows you to specify the carrier and mail class used for shipping profiles.

There are two gotchas here:

  • OrbitKit uses multiple carriers so there isn't a simple answer.

  • Etsy's API also does not let us configure this value, so if you want to set it, you'll have to set it by hand.

If you want to set this value, we currently recommend USPS First Class Mail.

How do I make a "Free US Shipping" Profile?

Duplicate the OrbitKit Shipping Costs profile and edit the US destination.

Note that the OrbitKit shipping profile is fully compatible with Etsy's "Free shipping guarantee on US orders over $35" mode. Simply enable that global setting on your store.

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