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All about Etsy shipping profiles
All about Etsy shipping profiles
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Shipping profiles determine what your customers pay you for shipping. This is independent from what OrbitKit charges you for shipping, though OrbitKit provides you some tools to help make these amounts line up.

Setting Shipping Profiles On Listings

The shipping profile for your listings is set when the listing is published and will be updated when the listing is re-synchronized. The profile used is determined in your venue configuration:

You can configure a shipping profile for individual blueprints (the default is to use the venue-wide profile).

Impedance Mismatch

It is impossible to create a perfect Etsy shipping profile that charges the customer exactly what OrbitKit charges you:

  • OrbitKit charges based on weight and distance, exactly the same as shippers charge. This guarantees you receive the "most honest" shipping rates.

  • Etsy profiles charge "$N for the first item, $M for each additional item".

The problem is that different size products have different weights. Also, OrbitKit lets you create listings that sell multiple products (say, Tees and Hoodies) and Etsy shipping profiles apply to a whole listing.

OrbitKit generates shipping profiles for you which are crude approximations of the actual charges. These profiles will not be exact and can vary by multiple dollars (plus or minus) depending on the number and types of items ordered.

OrbitKit Generated Shipping Profiles

When you connect your Etsy venue, OrbitKit creates a series of shipping profiles in your Etsy account. They typically look like this:

  • OrbitKit Tees

  • OrbitKit Longsleeves

  • OrbitKit Hoodies

  • OrbitKit Sweatshirts

  • OrbitKit Mugs

These profiles are optional; you are welcome to use your own ("free shipping to the US" is popular). In each of these profiles, the cost for the first item is the cost of a size L product; the cost for each additional item is the difference between shipping 1 and 2 size L items.

Note: OrbitKit may re-synchronize shipping profiles with these names. If you wish to modify a profile, copy it and give it a different name.

OrbitKit Smart Shipping Profile

When choosing a shipping profile for your venue or blueprint, there is an additional option, OrbitKit Smart. This is not a "real" shipping profile installed at Etsy. If you have selected the smart profile, OrbitKit will pick the most appropriate of the generated profiles for you when it publishes a listing.

For a single-product listing, this is straightforward (eg "OrbitKit Tees" for anything t-shirt sized). For multiple-product listings, OrbitKit will pick the profile for the heaviest (most expensive) item to ship. For example, if your listing includes Unisex T-Shirts and Hoodies, OrbitKit will select the OrbitKit Hoodies profile.

How do I make a "Free US Shipping" Profile?

Duplicate one of the OrbitKit-generated shipping profiles and edit the US destination.

Note that the OrbitKit shipping profile is fully compatible with Etsy's "Free shipping guarantee on US orders over $35" mode. Simply enable that global setting on your store.

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