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Refund policy for OrbitKit Fulfillment

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Our Refund Policy

  • If we screwed up, we'll fix it. If there was a misprint, or the wrong product was sent, or the package was lost in the mail, we will replace or refund the product at your discretion. We ask that you get a picture of any defects from the customer so that we can improve our quality control process.

  • If the customer changed their mind, or wants a different size/color - this is your responsibility. You can place a new order if needed.

The default return address for all packages is OrbitKit's address in California. If we receive a returned package, we will contact you for further instructions. We can repost the package and charge you only the shipping cost. Otherwise we will donate the items to charity.

If you would like to change the return address to an address of your choosing (so that you can process returned packages yourself), reach out to OrbitKit support and we'll set that up for you.

Your Refund Policy

You can, of course, have any policy you want with your customers. If you choose to have a "mail the product back to receive a refund" policy, you are welcome to use OrbitKit's return address - but please let us know so we can expect it.

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