Placing Orders Manually

How to set up OrbitKit Fulfillment to place orders by hand

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Manual order placement is a deeply integrated part of the OrbitKit experience. When you enable manual orders, your design library becomes a product catalog that you can browse, complete with shopping cart. The experience is designed to make it easy to quickly add lots of orders with minimum button-clicking.

Step 1: Add a Manual Venue

The manual order placement UI remains hidden until you create a Manual venue:

As with other venues, a manual venue represents one 'Shop' that you are fulfilling products from. A manual venue has one attribute you can configure: The venue name. The venue name will be printed on the label as the return address.

If you have multiple store identities, you can have multiple Manual venues.

Step 2: Add Products To Cart

You will now find "Add To Cart" buttons in various parts of the OrbitKit UI. The most common flow is "search for one of your designs and click on the add-to-cart icon":

Pick product, color, size and add it to your cart. Repeat for as many products/designs as should be in the order.

Step 3: Check Out

Click on your Shopping Cart to check out:

Orders placed manually are processed and billed as normal fulfillment orders.



There are a few buttons on the Order detail page that are convenient for reordering items:

If you create a new cart with items from an existing order, the cart is automatically preloaded with the original order's shipping address. You can also overwrite any cart's shipping address with the Copy To Cart button.


The Add To Cart button on an exhibit detail page is special:

If the Exhibit is for an OrbitKit Fulfillment venue (Etsy or Shopify), your product/color selection will be constrained to what is allowed by the blueprint. This helps avoid scrolling through dozens of colors. If you need other options, click through to the Design page and use the Add To Cart button there instead.

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