"Speed, quality, product assortment - pick any two!"

OrbitKit's print system is highly automated and designed with the goal of getting your orders in the hands of customers as fast as possible, with the best possible quality. To accomplish this, we've narrowed our product offerings to what we are confident we can deliver - and we're transparent enough to put a live graph of our fulfillment times on our website (and your dashboard).

But we aren't magicians.

Our print times are usually measured in hours - if we have stock on hand, orders ship almost immediately. However, with thousands of combinations of product, color, and size, it's impossible to stock everything. That's why we recommend...

Choose Your Products Carefully

AKA the Henry Ford rule: You can't go wrong selling black.

OrbitKit's dynamic stocking system keeps more stock on hand for SKUs that sell more frequently. There are always plenty of black t-shirts! On the other hand, you just might be the very first person in North America to sell a 2XL neon pink tank top, and it may take a couple days to order.

OrbitKit's color-picker indicates which colors are generally the fastest to produce:

This doesn't mean you shouldn't sell uncommon colors. After the first couple orders, our stocking system will adapt and keep plenty of extras on hand. However, if you offer a multitude of uncommon colors that each sell infrequently, it takes longer to "warm up" the SKUs. There's also the paradox of choice to consider; you may increase sales by offering fewer colors!

A Few Words About Shipping

OrbitKit prints and ships products from a facility in the US Pacific Northwest (near Portland, OR). Most US domestic orders arrive in 2-5 business days.

To cut down on shipping times to European customers, we are in the process of integrating a European print partner. This company meets our exacting quality standards and prints and ships out of the Czech Republic. We will include delivery times here as soon as we have statistics.

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