Etsy allows listings to have up to two "variations" - fields which determine the exact product SKU being ordered. For example, this listing has two variations, Color and Size:

There will not always be two variations; if you configure your blueprint with a single product with a single color, the customer will only be asked to select Size.

With multiple-product listings, there are three possible variations - Product, Color, and Size. But Etsy only allows two! So OrbitKit will combine variations for you to fit the two allowed boxes. You can configure how this happens as a Venue setting:

Product/Color, then Size

This combines Product & Color in the first box, putting Size in the second:

  • If you have only one product in your blueprint, the first box will be Color alone.
  • If you have multiple products in your blueprint but only one color (for all of the products), the first box will be Product alone.
  • If you have one product with one color, there will only be one box - Size.

Product/Size, then Color

This combines Product & Size in the first box, putting Color in the second (if appropriate):

  • If your blueprint has only one color (across all products), there will not be a Color box.
  • If your blueprint has only one product, the first box will be Size (alone).


Just pick "Product/Color, then Size" - it's the most common choice. Combining Product/Size is typically only used with single-color listings, streamlining the customer checkout process to a single dropdown selector.

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