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The /products endpoint

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Retrieves the entire OrbitKit product catalog. The result looks like this:

"data": [ {...first...}, {...second...} ],

The data will be the same data in the GET single product endpoint below.

Obtain the data for a single product with key PRDTS. Response looks like:

"key": "PRDTS",
"name": "Unisex T-Shirt",
"blurb": "Typically Gildan 64000",
"cost": {
"cents": 850,
"amount": 8.50,
"symbol": "$",
"currency": "USD",
"pretty": "$8.50"
"sides": [
"variants": [
"color": {
"name": "Antique Cherry Red",
"hex": "#971B2F",
"texture": "SOLID", // some are "HEATHER"
"size": "2XL",
"surcharge": {
"cents": 150,
"amount": 1.50,
"symbol": "$",
"currency": "USD",
"pretty": "$1.50"
...all the variant colors and sizes...
  • sides - the possible sides available. Currently all products are ["FRONT", "BACK"]. That will change in the future.

  • Some sizes (usually 2XL and above) have a surcharge. The price of the 2XL basic tee above is $10 ($8.50 base price, plus $1.50 surcharge).

  • Do not assume anything about the structure of a product or variant key string. It is human readable(ish), but may not follow this pattern for all products.

Requests for invalid keys produce 410 GONE (to explicitly distinguish from 404).

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