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Configuring Etsy's shop section
Configuring Etsy's shop section

How to categorize your listings

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OrbitKit gives you several ways to determine which section your listings are placed in. You can edit the Shop Section setting on either a venue or blueprint (or both):

The section for a listing will be set when an exhibit syncs. Changing this setting (on either a venue or a blueprint) will trigger updates of affected exhibits (unless you set to Ignore).

You will find a list of your sections in this dropdown, but there are also some special values:

  • Use venue default - Only available on a blueprint; it means simply use whatever the venue setting is.

  • Ignore - Leave the section setting of a listing alone. This is the setting you want if you plan to manage 'section' by hand using Etsy's UI.

  • No section - Clear the section setting on sync so there is no section associated.

  • Infer from design tags - Pick a section for each design based on its tags (see below).

Inferring From Design Tags

With this setting, OrbitKit will pick a section based on the tags of each design. So in the example above, if you have one design with the tag boring-stuff and another design with the tag exciting-stuff, their listings will be sectioned appropriately.

The rules for this are:

  • Tags are considered in order. If your design has tags [pets, dogs, cats, animals] and you have sections named "Dogs" and "Cats", then your listing will be placed in the "Dogs" section.

  • Section names are converted to tag-format for comparison. Special characters are removed; spaces are converted to dashes; everything is lowercase. Thus a section named Cats & Dogs will match the tag cats-dogs.

  • If no tags match section names, the listing will not have a section.

  • Only tags from the default language of the store are considered. If your Etsy store's default language is German, OrbitKit looks at your designs' German tags.

As always, if you have any questions about how this works, reach out to support and we'll help.

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