The supply chain for apparel blanks is tightening in a way that will affect all print-on-demand fulfillment companies, including OrbitKit. Less common product colors ("Heather Prism Lilac" et al) have become effectively extinct in the United States, and we expect this situation to worsen towards the end of Q4.

These backorders are preventing us from shipping your orders quickly - anything over 48 hours is unacceptable! To ensure all orders meet this standard of service, we need to make some changes to our product catalog.

No action is required on your part. OrbitKit will make the appropriate changes, and where necessary, adjust your listings. If there are any problems, we will reach out to you.

We're making the following changes, rolling out over the next few days:

Fewer Colors

We have consolidated to a smaller set of popular colors which we keep throughly stocked. All other colors are being disabled for now, and your listings will be updated to remove these SKUs for sale. The majority of listings on OrbitKit remain unchanged, but you may wish to doublecheck your blueprints.

There's some good news here! While fewer colors are offered overall, the current set is larger than the previous set of "fast" colors (previously indicated with a lightning bolt). All colors available in OrbitKit are now considered "fast".

More Aggressive Substitution

These are products and substitutions we will be doing, in order of preference:

  • Basic Tee: Gildan 5000 -> Gildan 2000 -> Hanes 5250T -> Fruit Of The Loom 3930
  • Premium Tee: Bella 3001 (no changes)
  • Basic Hoodie: Gildan 18500 -> Hanes P170 -> Jerzees 996 -> Port & Company 78H
  • Premium Hoodie: Bella 3719 (no changes)
  • Premium Women's Tee: Hanes SL04 -> Bella + Canvas 6400
  • Basic Youth Tee: Gildan 5000B -> Hanes 5480 (see below)

Tank Tops Disabled

We're disabling tank tops for now. We'll bring them back early next year before sales pick up.

New Youth Tee

We're switching from Anvil 990b to Gildan 5000B. The Anvil is a premium shirt and the Gildan is not, so what we're doing is:

  • Adding a Basic Youth Tee (the Gildan, about $1 less expensive to you)
  • Disabling the Premium Youth Tee (all colors, and sizes XS and XL)
  • Replacing Premium Youth Tee with Basic Youth Tee in all of your blueprints

We will be working to re-enable the Premium Youth tee as soon as we can confidently meet our expectations for fast shipping. In the future, you can update all your listings simply by modifying your blueprint.

New Products

The news isn't all bad! We're about to launch Long Sleeve tees and non-hooded Sweatshirts. Stay tuned.

As always, reach out to support and chat with us if you have any questions.

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