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Using Tostadora

How to set up Tostadora on OrbitKit

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The first thing to consider with Tostadora is which domains you want to sell on. There are several domains on Tostadora for selling to audiences in different countries. The supported domains are:

You can create an account using any of these domains to start, and use the same credentials to log in under any other domain.

This means you only need to create one venue in OrbitKit and the blueprints you add to it can be on any of the domains above. We publish at 5x the normal rate to make up for the fact that your exhibits are split between those domains.

To create a blueprint, you first log in to the domain you want to sell on, say for the English marketplace for example. Then you upload an image, create a listing from that design.

You'll want to set your price on your blueprint listing:

Tostadora shows the product you chose in the color you chose for the listing, but the buyer can choose other products and colors before buying. You'll likely want to create blueprints for light and dark colored designs.

Once your listing exists, go to the buyer link for it and use that when creating a blueprint in OrbitKit. It should look something like this:

Any exhibits created with that blueprint will be created at (but it won't be available at .com, .fr or .it). For selling on the french version of Tostadora, do the same thing using, etc.

If you sell on multiple country sites on Tostadora, you may want to name your blueprints to label which country they belong to so it's easier to keep things straight later.


  • Currently bags, phone cases and wall art aren't supported. You'll get an error message if you try creating a blueprint for one of those products. We're working on fine-tuning the image placement for those products and plan to support them when it's dialed in.

  • Tags aren't editable at Tostadora. The tags that exist at the time the exhibit is created are the ones that are forever set on that listing.

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