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How to set up Shirtee on OrbitKit

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Publishing to Shirtee is fairly straightforward. First create a listing at Shirtee, then go to the edit page for it, and use that url to create a blueprint for it in OrbitKit:

The url should look something like this:

If your designs in OrbitKit have text filled out in multiple languages, you can indicate that you want to use a particular language on your listings by setting up your blueprint using a url that matches a given language.

Shirtee uses the following url patterns for the languages OrbitKit supports:

For example using the /de/ url variant when creating your blueprint will make OrbitKit use German text on your listings if available (falling back to whatever is available, starting with english otherwise). So to use your German text where available create your blueprint using a url like this one:

If you want to always publish in English, create the blueprint with a url like this:

In addition to using the appropriate language text, the url pattern you choose will indicate which marketplace to select when creating your exhibits. For example, if your blueprint url starts with your exhibits will choose German here:

The Category chosen will by default match the category you chose in your blueprint listing. It's best to choose something rather generic for that such as "Hobbies & Interests". If any tags on your design exactly match a category on Shirtee, then your exhibit will be published with that category instead of the default. The first exact match we find in your tags will be used.

Once your blueprints are set up, create exhibits from your designs and they will be queued up to be published.


  • When creating a new listing at Shirtee, it can stay in pending status for a long time, sometimes days, before becoming active. This is an unfortunate lag time before you get a url you can use in creating blueprints in OrbitKit. Check back at Shirtee a few hours after creating the listing to see if it's in the active list.

  • Because listings at Shirtee take a very long time to be approved, we limit publishing to 5/day on all plans. We don't want to publish more than Shirtee is equipped to handle.

  • After creating a blueprint in OrbitKit, the preview image you see is of a white product, even though you may have chosen another color. This is just a technical limitation on our end in displaying the mockup. Rest assured that products created with your blueprint will get the right colors.

  • Currently embroidery products are not supported in OrbitKit, so make sure to only enable print items on your blueprint listing.

  • Shirtee has the ability to organize your listings into "Designer Stores" which are storefronts you can setup under your account. The exhibits we publish won't be assigned to a store. We hope to add support for this later.

  • Changes to the products enabled on your blueprint listing (adding a product for example) won't be reflected on your published listings after resyncing. The product assortment, colors and pricing are set at the time the listing is first published. We may add support for changing the products on published listings in the future.

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