There's some good news and some bad news in here. We are reacting to price increases from our suppliers and switching to new (better) hoodie and sweatshirt blanks.


  • We're charging shipping by weight instead of a flat rate.

  • Price of a Basic Tee is up $0.50

  • Extra-large size surcharges have gone up (varies by product)

  • We're combining the Basic Hoodie and Premium Hoodie into a single Hoodie category with a superior blank.

Read on for details, and what the rollout process is will look like. You probably do not need to take any action.

Weight-Based Shipping

As previously announced, OrbitKit is moving to weight-based shipping instead of flat rate. Our goal is to pass shipping costs to you as-is - we don't make money on shipping. This means some products (hoodies, notably) will be more expensive to ship. But it also means that multiple-item orders will be cheaper - sometimes the extra items will ship free.

Example shipping costs are shown on the OrbitKit catalog pages for each product. As we expand print facilities (ie, in Europe), shipping prices to affected locations will be reduced automatically.

Generated Shipping Profiles

OrbitKit will automatically update the OrbitKit-generated shipping profiles in Shopify and Etsy to match these rates. However, since Etsy does not directly support weight-based shipping profiles (only "first item + additional items"), the Etsy profile will be an approximation.

Product Changes

Note that the extra-large size surcharges are automatically baked into your listings when they are published; customers pay the surcharges when they pick variants.

Basic Tee

This is usually the Gildan 5000.

  • The base price of a basic tee has gone up from $8.50 to $9

  • The surcharge for 2XL has gone up from +$1.50 to +$3.75

  • The surcharge for 3XL has gone up from +$2.50 to +$5.50

  • We've added 4XL and 5XL sizes, +$6.50 for either

Premium Tee

This is usually the Bella 3001.

The only changes are surcharges for extra large sizes, and a surcharge for the Black Triblend color (which is actually a more expensive Bella 3413).

  • The surcharge for 2XL has gone up from +$1.50 to +$3

  • The surcharge for 3XL has gone up from +$3 to +$4.50

  • The surcharge for Black Triblend S-XL is +$2

  • The surcharge for Black Triblend 2XL is +$4 (there is no 3XL)

Long Sleeve Tee

This is usually the Gildan 2400.

  • The surcharge for 2XL has gone up from +$1.50 to +3XL

  • The surcharge for 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL has gone up from +$3.25 to +$5

  • We've added a Grey Heather color.

Premium Women's Tee

This is usually the Hanes SL04.

  • The surcharge for 2XL has gone up from +$1 to +$2.75

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Previously, we've been printing the Basic Hoodie on a Gildan 18500. It's inexpensive, but prints with middling quality. The Premium Hoodie has been a Bella 3719, which has a nicer fit and feel, but also prints with just so-so quality.

We want prints that pop, and "average for DTG" isn't good enough. The print team experimented with 20 different blank models and found one that prints like this:

This is a print we can be proud of.

The new hoodie and sweatshirt blanks are the Tultex 320 and 340, respectively. They are much nicer than Gildan's 18500/18000. However, they are slightly more expensive.

Previously, the Basic Hoodie was $18 and the Premium Hoodie was $26. We are combining these into a single Hoodie category with a base price of $20. Sweatshirts are the same, $20.

The largest size available is 2XL, which has a surcharge of +$1. There are also somewhat fewer colors available.

Hoodies are more expensive to ship than tees - they always end up in the "between 1 and 2 lbs" rate. With weight-based shipping, this means shipping a single hoodie in the US will cost $8.63. The good news is that adding a tee or some other light item will almost always be free. But be aware of this change if you offer free shipping to customers.

The Rollout

This change needs to happen quickly because it is blocking progress on new products and on European fulfillment. We expect it to be complete before the end of the month (May 30).

If you are using OrbitKit-generated shipping profiles, and haven't disabled product assortment synchronization (via sync profiles), then you probably do not need to take any action.

The steps involved in this rollout:

  1. OrbitKit will display new shipping costs in the product catalog.

  2. OrbitKit will roll out new shipping profiles to Shopify and Etsy.

    1. Customers will pay you the new shipping fees, which will be slightly higher than what you pay OrbitKit. That goes in your pocket for now.

  3. OrbitKit will begin charging you the new shipping rates.

  4. OrbitKit will update the product catalog and update affected listings.

    1. Colors and sizes that are no longer available will be disabled.

    2. Extra-large size surcharges will be updated.

    3. All hoodie blueprints will be adjusted to reflect available colors.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to support!

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