OrbitKit uses different strategies to automate publishing to different platforms. Satellite Sync is a new approach which uses your browser, on your computer, to interact with websites. This approach has some advantages:

  • OrbitKit does not need to store your auth credentials; they never leave your computer. Just make sure you are logged in to the POD website with "remember me".

  • Requests come from your IP address.

  • Your browser has your "footprint", which significantly reduces the incidence of CAPTCHAs on platforms that have anti-bot measures.

  • If CAPTCHAs are encountered, you can solve them!

This approach has some disadvantages:

  • You must leave your computer on and running to do "real work". It's not quite queue-up-and-forget like you're used to with OrbitKit.

  • It uses browser automation ("click here, type there"), which can be less reliable than OrbitKit's usual automation approach.

Because running software on your computer is inconvenient for you, OrbitKit tries to avoid using Satellite Sync when possible. However, some platforms require it.


Good news - you don't have to install any new software! Satellite Sync is built into Airlock, OrbitKit's Chrome extension. If you have Airlock installed in Chrome, simply turn on Satellite Sync. The switch appears in the Airlock UI when you have venues that require Satellite Sync.

If Satellite Sync is enabled, Airlock will check at regular intervals to see if there is more work to do. If so, it will process this work in a background tab. You can watch it work.


Satellite Sync is currently used for TeePublic and Teespring only.

Multiple Venues

If you have multiple TeePublic accounts, you must create separate browsing profiles, one for each account. Make sure Airlock is installed in each profile, and that each profile is logged into the respective TeePublic account. As long as there is a window on your desktop for each profile, they will publish.

If you close all the windows associated with a profile, that TeePublic account will not be published to.


Satellite Sync is very new and should be considered BETA. In the case of an error while publishing exhibits, Airlock will take a picture of the working tab (only the tab!) and send it to the OrbitKit team for debugging.

If you have any questions or run into any snags, reach out to the support team in the chat window.

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