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How to customize your mockup images

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OrbitKit provides a set of flat mockups for fulfillment products which automatically conform to the colors you sell. However, you can customize these mockups in two ways:

  1. You can add a custom background to the stock OrbitKit mockups

  2. You can provide your own mockup blank, upon which OrbitKit draws your designs

Custom Backgrounds

Spice up the stock mockup by adding your own custom background. This can be done on a per-blueprint basis:

Full Custom Mockups

This gives you more control, but is more work. You provide the base mockup image and OrbitKit draws your artwork on the base image. You will need separate mockups for each product color you intend to sell.

This feature introduces the concept of "Mockup Style". The default mockup style that OrbitKit provides is Default Flat. You can create additional styles in your Product Catalog, and upload blank mockups for the colors you care about. Enable these new mockup styles in your blueprints.


  1. Visit your Product Catalog, pick a product (in the image below, Basic Tee)

  2. Mockups are specific to a side, so pick which side (here, FRONT)

  3. Click the "Add mockup style" (plus) button on Mockups

  4. Choose the name of your new style (say, "Lifestyle Mockups" - don't worry, you can change it later)

  5. For each color you intend to sell, upload a blank mockup and configure the print area by dragging and resizing

  6. Use the mockups by picking your new mockup style for appropriate products in a blueprint.

Create a new mockup style:

Create a new mockup style

Add a new mockup:

Configure the new mockup style in your blueprints:

Very Important Note About Printable Area

The area that you band on your image should be the total possible printable area. Not "how big I want my images to be". OrbitKit will shrink the artwork within this area based on the Art Size setting - SMALL, STANDARD, MAX, using the same logic used to generate instructions for the physical print machines.

This setting only affects generated mockups and has no effect on physical print. If you make the printable area small ("what looks good"), then the generated mockups will almost always show artwork that is much smaller than what actually gets printed, and customers may be surprised.

Reach Out!

This is a complex feature. If you're confused by this at all, please reach out to support. Even if it's just "hey, can you check my work?" - we're very happy to do that.
OrbitKit takes great care to ensure that the built-in mockups faithfully represent the printed product. With your custom mockups, we can't make that same guarantee. If you misconfigure a custom mockup and this causes a customer issues (eg, "picture shows wrong product" or "the printed art is much bigger than the mockup"), we will have to charge you for the reprint. So reach out and get our help early - we're here for you!

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