There's a wave of significant price increases hitting the POD industry, and OrbitKit Fulfillment is affected. There are two main causes:

  • Blank manufacturers have increased prices (especially Bella)

  • USPS has increased prices

These are the changes that will start effective March 1:

  • Basic Tee changes from $9 to $10

  • Premium Tee changes from $10.50 to $12

  • Premium Women's Tee changes from $12.10 to $12.50

  • Basic Youth Tee changes from $9.50 to $10

  • Premium Youth Tee changes from $11 to $12

  • Hoodie changes from $20 to $22

  • Sweatshirt changes from $20 to $21

  • Youth Hoodie changes from $20 to $21

All other products (Long Sleeve Tee, Mug, Tall Tee, Women's V-Neck) remain unchanged.

Shipping costs are increasing. The cost to ship a tee in the US is up about $0.25. OrbitKit will update the shipping profiles it installed at Etsy and Shopify; if you are using these shipping profiles, the amount your customers are charged for shipping will be automatically adjusted.

If you decide to pass these increases on to your customers, you need only update your blueprints. OrbitKit will automatically update your listings to match.

Going Forward

To improve service and reduce the impact of supply shocks, OrbitKit is testing several new printer integrations. As these roll out over the next few weeks, orders will be routed to different print facilities based on:

  • Products supported (minimize the number of separate shipments in an order)

  • Geographic proximity to the customer

  • Real-time inventory of blank products

  • Current print dwell times

Look for further announcements in the release notes.

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