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Fulfillment Alternatives Overview
Fulfillment Alternatives Overview

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Want to use OrbitKit with Printful or Printify? Now you can, for free.

OrbitKit Fulfillment is great (if we do say so ourselves) but we acknowledge that it comes with some limitations:

  • The only supported marketplaces are Shopify and Etsy (so far).

  • Product selection is limited (so far).

Printful and Printify offer more marketplaces and more products for sale. We want to empower merchants, so you can use Printful and Printify just like any other platform type that OrbitKit supports. This does not require an OrbitKit Plus subscription.

Feel free to mix and match; you can create listings at Etsy or Shopify with any/all of OrbitKit Fulfillment, Printful, and Printify. We can even convert existing listings.

Can I use Printful or Printify with OrbitKit, without using OrbitKit Fulfillment?

Yes, absolutely! We won't judge. OrbitKit makes it easier to use Printful and Printify by cutting out the endless buttonclicking.

How do I use the alternatives?

Create a Printful or Printify venue like any other platform.

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