OrbitKit's integrated print network is composed of many of the same print companies that offer services on Printify. However, OrbitKit handles order routing for you, appearing as a single seamless service.

OrbitKit's sophisticated order routing logic takes into account:

  • Which printers can print the items in the order? Not every printer prints every item, or every color available.

  • If there are multiple items in the order, which printers can ship them together in a single package? Fewer shipments are much better.

  • Which printers have stock available to print right now? OrbitKit checks realtime inventory at the printers to avoid backorder delays.

  • Which products can be substituted? A premium tee could be a Bella 3001, Anvil 980, or NextLevel 3600 - but not a Gildan 5000.

  • Which printers are in the same country as the customer? If possible, we avoid customs delays.

  • Which printers are physically closest to the customer? Shorter distance means faster shipping.

The best thing is that OrbitKit handles all of this for you, automatically. You don't need to configure anything!


Which printers are you using?

The list isn't secret but it changes and it depends on which product you're printing. Reach out and ask.

Can I pin orders to a specific printer?

Not currently; you would lose out on most of the advantages of OrbitKit's order routing. If this is a dealbreaker, reach out and talk to us.

Can I use <cheap low-quality printer> and get cheaper prices?

We select printers based on print quality, timeliness, and geography. High-quality printers tend to have very similar wholesale pricing, which is why OrbitKit charges a single rate for a product no matter who prints it. Cheaper second-tier print companies exist, but they aren't worth the quality problems. You know who they are, we know who they are, and we avoid them.

Will orders always be sent in a single shipment?

Almost always. It's rare, but it's still possible for an order with multiple items to be sent out in multiple shipments. If this happens you will be charged separately for shipping each.

Of course, this is undesirable for everyone. The root cause is that as you add more types of items to a single order, you reduce the number of printers capable of printing the entire order together (possibly to an empty set, considering realtime inventory). Printing in-country and printing in a timely manner both take priority.

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