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The /mockups endpoint

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This endpoint is BETA and may change.

OrbitKit will generate mockup images for you - that is, images of your artwork positioned correctly on a product. Some terminology may help:

  • Design is your artwork, has a key like DES1234

  • Mockup is a (blank) image of a product. There are two kinds of mockups, OrbitKit-provided mockups (that work with any color) and user-provided custom mockups (that are specific to a color). Also note that mockups are specific to a product side.

  • Color is a specific color of a particular product. Colors have unique keys specific to a product; COLTS_BLK is a black for a basic tee; the actual color might be different from COLTSP_BLK which is black for a premium tee. Color keys are available from the /products endpoint.

  • Coverage is how large to print artwork on the product. This is the "Art Size" option in the OrbitKit UI.

Generates a single mockup image. A valid mockup key must be specified in the URL and the POST body must be JSON:

design: "DES1234",
color: "COLTS_BLK",
coverage: "STANDARD",
format: "HIGH_QUALITY"

The post body values are:

  • design is the key to a design in your organization's design library

  • color is the key to a specific color; note that colors are specific to products (COLTS_BLK and COLHD_BLK are different colors).

  • coverage is the art size. Pick the size you intend to print. Mockups accurately reflect OrbitKit's print sizes. Values are:

    • SMALL


    • MAX

  • format currently has these options:

    • HIGH_QUALITY - png, 2000x2000 pixels (supports transparency)

    • LARGE_JPG - jpg, 2000x2000 pixels, white background

    • FAST_LOADING - jpg, 1000x1000 pixels, white background

The most significant parameter, in the URL, is the mockup key. Mockup keys are visible in the OrbitKit UI, on the detail page for each product:

Some things you should know about mockup keys:

  • Individual mockup keys are specific to a product and a side

  • There are two different general types of mockup keys. Both work with the mockup generator:

    • OrbitKit's built-in mockups look like MCKTS_FRONT_FLAT. They are polychromatic and can be used with any color appropriate to that product (OrbitKit will automatically fill in the right color).

    • User-uploaded custom mockups look like MCK4949. They are monochromatic; the mockup for a green shirt will be different from the mockup for a blue shirt.

The response from this endpoint will look like this:

{ url: "https://some/opaque/url" }

Note that this is JSON that includes a link, not the image itself. This link is temporary and will expire. You should immediately download and save the image.

Do not attempt to serve this directly URL to the public. It will become a dead link.

More Options

OrbitKit's mockup generator has many more features that aren't exposed here, such as the ability to add background images or background colors. If you want something more, reach out to support and let us know.

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