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Why aren't my Redbbubble/TeePublic/Teespring exhibits publishing?
Why aren't my Redbbubble/TeePublic/Teespring exhibits publishing?

Why isn't Satellite Sync working?

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Here are a list of issues that might prevent your exhibits from publishing. We'll assume that you have exhibits in your venue, and the exhibits are in PUBLISHING state.

Is the venue paused?

Unpause it on the venue detail page at OrbitKit.

Is the Airlock tab open?

Satellite Sync publishes from your desktop. In order to run, the Airlock tab must be open. If you close the tab, or put your computer to sleep, Satellite Sync stops.

Is Satellite Sync enabled in Airlock?

There is a switch on the Airlock tab, turn it on.

Have you prevented Chrome throttling?

There is an extensive discussion of this in the Satellite Sync documentation. You must either 1) make sure the Airlock tab is at least partially visible on the desktop, or 2) disable background tab throttling in Chrome via a command-line flag.

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