Products supported: All tees, all hoodies, all tanks, mugs, stickers. Probably everything else too - let us know if something doesn't work.
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Description: No limit we know of
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Blueprint setup instructions

NOTE: This video is out-of-date. In particular:

  • The authentication process has changed. We now use the Airlock chrome extension to connect Teespring venues. You may wish to watch the Redbubble instructions, which demonstrate the use of Airlock.

  • Teespring's UI (and for that matter OrbitKit's UI) has changed quite a bit since this video was made. The basic concepts are the same, however.


OrbitKit can only update title + description after an exhibit has been published to Teespring.


  • Before using Airlock to setup credentials, make sure that you're signed into Teespring with the "remember me" checkbox checked. After Airlock is setup, don't logout at Teespring or you'll need to redo your Airlock connection.

  • If your Teespring account is brand new, you'll want to enter payout information. Teespring only lets you launch a few campaigns before providing payment info. If you see BROKEN exhibits with Error: It looks like you haven't entered payout info, add this to your TS account and then select "Unbreak these" from the menu and the next retry should succeed.

  • Teespring has a (larger) limit on how many campaigns you can launch before making 10 sales. If you hit this limit, OrbitKit moves exhibits to BROKEN immediately. After you unlock this (a little birdie told me to buy 10 stickers), you can 'unbreak' the broken exhibits on your Exhibits page.

  • We've found that the chance of an exhibit failing goes up with the number of products enabled on the blueprint product. Looking at the data across all our sellers we found that if you enable 6 or fewer products you almost never see errors, and if you stay under a dozen you'll get some errors but retries generally get through. More than that though can trigger continuously failing exhibits. This seems to be a limitation of Teespring that you can experience by 'duplicating' campaigns by hand, so we recommend limiting the total number of products you enable on your blueprint listing at Teespring.

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