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Authentication with Redbubble requires a special OrbitKit Chrome plugin called Airlock. The install button is on your Redbubble venue page. Airlock will grab your Redbubble credentials out of Chrome and save them to OrbitKit.

Blueprint setup instructions

Airlock setup instructions

Note: Airlock has changed since this video; you no longer need to be on to make this work.

Be sure to click "Remember me" when you log into Redbubble!


OrbitKit can re-sync everything from the Blueprint, including price, product assortment, colors, pattern repetition, etc.

Artwork Positioning

OrbitKit's artwork positioning logic for Redbubble should be bulletproof. We compensate for interior transparent space and vertically center on products for which centering is appropriate. The most significant factor taken from the blueprint is scale.

Normally OrbitKit constraints artwork to the printable area. If your blueprint places nontransparent artwork pixels outside the printable area, then this safety measure is disabled and you can create a "full bleed" design.


  • Redbubble will ban accounts that use generic designs purchased online. You can't use designs you download from "license our designs and sell them" websites at all. They've already been uploaded to Redbubble hundreds of times! If you upload images like this (especially if your account is brand new), they will likely freeze your account and ignore your pleas. All POD sites want original artwork; Redbubble actively enforces it. Note: You can certainly use stock design elements in newly-created designs, but watch out for lazy VAs!

  • This is worth repeating: If you download artwork from sites like Vexels and upload them to Redbubble, their automated system will likely freeze your account. Even just one. Even if you have lots of other original content.

  • If you have multiple Redbubble accounts, do not upload the same artwork to more than one! This is considered abuse and may also get your account frozen.

  • If you already have content in Redbubble, ask us to run an import - that will create Exhibit records and help you avoid publishing duplicates.

  • If for some reason your account gets frozen, reach out to their support team and ask. It may take multiple tries - they are busy. Don't just start uploading the same content to a new account; that will be recognized as duplicates, and get the new account banned too.

  • If their help team is slow to respond, try twitter @RedbubbleHelp.

Extra Help Creating Blueprints

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