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What are the states of an exhibit?

What does WAITING, PUBLISHING, READY, etc mean?

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An Exhibit is an OrbitKit reference to a Design you have published somewhere. It has a lifecycle:

  • PUBLISHING is the start state. Soon OrbitKit will try to publish this exhibit to the venue. If something goes wrong, OrbitKit will retry approximately every 8 hours; check the exhibit detail for error information.

  • BROKEN means something went seriously wrong. Either OrbitKit retried too many times without success (about a week), or we received an error that isn't likely to resolve itself (like Teespring's launch_limit_reached). Don't give up! Reach out to us via the intercom button and we'll try to help you resolve the underlying issue. You can always unbreak them.

  • READY is nirvana. Everything is set up!

  • UPDATING means an exhibit that was successfully published is re-syncing, either because you changed the metadata, blueprint, archetype or explicitly asked for re-synchronization. It will return to READY when complete.

  • When you explicitly freeze an exhibit, it goes to FROZEN. OrbitKit will ignore this exhibit entirely - it won't publish (if it was not yet published) and it will not re-sync (if it was). If you delete a FROZEN exhibit, the record will be removed from OrbitKit but the published product will not be pulled down from the venue. Unfreezing will return the exhibit to PUBLISHING or READY.

  • DELETING exhibits are being pulled down from the POD platform by OrbitKit, after which the exhibit record itself will be deleted. This is usually pretty quick, but may persist if your venue is paused.

Errors don't stop the queue; OrbitKit will move on to the next exhibit.

State Diagram

All states can go to FROZEN, and FROZEN can go to PUBLISHING or READY. Those edges are not shown to keep the graph legible.

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