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I'm having trouble connecting with Airlock
I'm having trouble connecting with Airlock

What is the Chrome user identity?

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Google Chrome can have several notions of "who are you?" that can be confusing to sort out. Airlock uses just one of them. Here's a primer.

Your Chrome "Person"

This is not an identity, but it is helpful to know about. Each "Person" acts like a totally different installation of Chrome, with separate browser history, cookies, installed chrome extensions, etc. It's not an 'identity'; a new Person is a blank slate until you log in as someone. If you're worried about a website tracking you, create a new Person (or use an Incognito window).

Your Chrome Identity

This is the Google account that you log into Chrome with. Google uses it to sync bookmarks, history, extensions, etc with other devices. It is separate from the account you log into with. This is what Airlock uses.

To get Airlock to see your OrbitKit account, make sure your Chrome Identity matches the account you use to log into OrbitKit.

If you have trouble, it might be helpful to create an new Chrome Person (ie, a blank slate) and sign in to the correct Google account there. You will need to install the Airlock chrome extension again for that Person. 

Your Identity

Mentioning this just for completeness. Separate from any other identity, you are probably logged into

This can be totally different from your Chrome User Identity, and is only used by Google's websites. OrbitKit does not use this.

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