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How are Etsy attributes like Holiday determined?
How are Etsy attributes like Holiday determined?

Sleeve Length, Neckline, Occasion, Holiday, Clothing style, Graphic, etc...

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Etsy products have a number of additional fields which can be set per listing. Some of these are product-specific and we set for you; for example, a unisex tee is always Sleeve length: Short sleeve and Neckline: Crew. However, some fields will naturally vary by design, including Occasion, Holiday, Clothing style, and Graphic.

OrbitKit intelligently populates these fields based on the tags of your design. For example, if your design has the tag fathers-day, your listing will include Holiday: Father's Day. If your design has the tag trees, your listing will include Graphic: Plants & trees.

All tags are considered, even tags beyond the 13 that Etsy allows to be published in a listing. Tag order matters; in the case of conflicts, the first tag wins.

Generally if you have reasonable tags for your designs, this feature will "just work". As always, reach out to support if you have any questions.

Not that there are special rules for inferring Shop Section from tags.

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