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Multiple-Product Listings
Multiple-Product Listings

Selling multiple products in a single listing

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OrbitKit makes it easy to sell multiple different products in a single listing. For example, you could sell a t-shirt, long-sleeve tee and hoodie in the same listing.

Here's what it looks like at Shopify:

Here's what it looks like at Etsy:


After you have created a blueprint for Shopify or Etsy, you can add additional products:

Price, print side, and color assortment is specific to each product.

Things You Should Know

Multiple-product listings behave slightly differently from single-product listings:

  • The default behavior of adding the product name to the end of the listing title is disabled. You can still create custom title patterns with blueprint text templates.

  • Similarly, a product description is not appended to the listing description. You can customize this with text templates.

  • You can control the order of products in the listing using the arrow buttons.

  • Just as with colors, you can change your blueprints to add/remove products and re-synchronize your listings.

Things You Should Know - Shopify

  • Shopify lets you have a maximum of 100 variants in a single listing. With variations of product, color, and size, this adds up fast. If you want more products, offer fewer colors. OrbitKit won't let you add more than 100 variants.

  • Shopify shows the customer a combined list of colors. Customers will have an easier time navigating their purchase if every product has the same available colors.

  • OrbitKit will include a size chart for every product you include.

Things You Should Know - Etsy

  • Etsy allows a maximum of 10 images in a listing, one of which must be a size chart. If you have too many products and/or colors, some will not have mockup images.

  • Etsy does not allow HTML in descriptions, so OrbitKit uses one of the image slots for a size chart. OrbitKit will stitch together size charts for all of your offered products into a single image.

  • Etsy has a limit on the number of values a single variation can have. You can hit this by selecting too many colors, but it's hard to predict exactly how many colors are allowed. See the above document on variations.

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