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Etsy has some special options that are available in Sync Profiles. Options like "Do not sync title", "Do not sync description", "Do not sync tags" are self-explanatory. But there are others:

Do not sync mockup images

If you enable this option, OrbitKit will not add or remove mockup images when updating a listing. The first initial publish will still create any appropriate mockups, but on subsequent update, the images are ignored.

This means you can edit all the images by hand. This flag may also be useful if we convert your listings to OrbitKit Fulfillment but you wish to keep your existing mockup images.

There is one downside to enabling this flag - OrbitKit will create variants (product/color/size) at Etsy, but has no way of associating variants with specific images. That means when a customer adds an item to their cart, the image will not necessarily show the correct product/color. You can of course associate variants with images by hand in the Etsy UI. But it's up to you.

Ignore all manually uploaded images

Normally, when OrbitKit syncs mockup images, it will remove any unexpected images and add the OrbitKit-generated images. If this flag is set, OrbitKit will not remove any images you have uploaded by hand -- only updating mockup images that were created by OrbitKit.

  • Manually uploaded images at the beginning of the list of images will be kept at the beginning of the list.

  • Manually uploaded images in the middle or at the end of the list of images will be moved to the end of the list.

Etsy only allows 10 images total. If this flag is set, your manually uploaded images will take priority.

  • If you have 10 manually uploaded images, OrbitKit will not create any images.

  • If you have 9 manually uploaded images, OrbitKit will create a size chart (but no mockups).

  • If you have 8 manually uploaded images, OrbitKit will create one mockup and the size chart.

  • Etc...

Ignore first mockup image

This is very similar to the previous option, but only affects the first image in the list. If you want to keep one "headline" image but let OrbitKit manage the rest, this is the best option. Only manually uploaded images will be ignored; OrbitKit-generated mockup images will still be updated.

Note that "Do not sync mockup images" takes precedence, then "Ignore all manually uploaded images", then "Ignore first mockup image".

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