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How to convert existing listings to OrbitKit Fulfillment
How to convert existing listings to OrbitKit Fulfillment

Change existing Etsy/Shopify listings that are being fulfilled by other services (Teelaunch, etc).

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Automatically Converting Listings

If you have existing listings at Etsy or Shopify that were created by another service, and you are interested in having them be automatically fulfilled by OrbitKit Fulfillment, reach out to OrbitKit support. We have tooling to automate the conversion from many different print-on-demand platforms, which will save you a lot of work!

In case you are using a service we cannot automatically convert for you, the rest of this document will cover the manual process.

Manually Converting Listings

The overview of the process is:

  1. Create a venue for Shopify/Etsy that points at your account. Pause it.

  2. Create blueprint(s) that you want to use for your listings.

  3. Create exhibits for each of the listings you want to convert.

  4. Manually link these exhibits to the listings.

  5. Unpause your venue and let OrbitKit sync data.

Be aware that this will replace the mockup images with OrbitKit mockups. It will also replace the titles and descriptions, etc. with what you have on your designs in OrbitKit (unless you create a Sync Profile).

1. Create And Pause A Venue

Make sure you have a venue set up in OrbitKit for the store where the listings currently exist. In our example, we have a Shopify store that has had some listings published using Teelaunch. Once you have that Shopify venue set up in OrbitKit, you'll want to click pause on it so publishing is temporarily halted while we work on converting listings. It should look like this after pausing:

2. Create Blueprints

You'll want to create blueprints that match the listings you're converting. For this example we're importing a basic black tee, so we make sure we have a blueprint for that in our Shopify venue:

3. Create Exhibits

For each design in the listings you're converting, create an exhibit using that blueprint. It doesn't matter whether you create the exhibits manually or use archetypes. Because the venue is paused, the exhibits will remain in PUBLISHING state:

For each of the exhibits, choose "Manually Link Listing" from the menu button on the Exhibit page:

This will give you a dialog where you can paste in the url of the listing you're converting from Shopify:

5. Unpause The Venue

Once you've linked all the listings you want to convert, unpause the venue. OrbitKit will update all of the listings and then future orders will be fulfilled through OrbitKit Fulfillment.

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