The first thing to keep in mind is that there are two completely separate and independent aspects to shipping:

  1. What OrbitKit charges you for shipping fulfilled orders.

  2. What you charge your customers for shipping.

What You Pay For Shipping

OrbitKit charges you shipping based on the assortment in an order. We've tried to keep these charges as close as possible to our actual costs. Since different products may ship from different locations, this calculation is not always simple.

The current US domestic rates are:

  • Apparel - $3.99 for the first, $0.50 per additional

  • Mugs - $5.50 for the first, $2 per additional

For an order containing a tee, hoodie, and two mugs to a USA destination, you will be charged $11.99 for shipping ($3.99 + $0.50 + $5.50 + $2).

Note that these prices vary by country.

What Your Customers Pay For Shipping

This is entirely up to you!

The shipping fees charged to your customers are determined by Shipping Profiles at Shopify and Etsy. You can create these profiles yourself. OrbitKit will also create a set of profiles that closely match what we charge you (eg "OrbitKit Apparel", "OrbitKit Mugs").

When OrbitKit publishes or updates a listing, it assigns the listing a shipping profile that you specify in OrbitKit. You can configure a default shipping profile for your venue and override it in specific blueprints.

One popular approach is to create a Free Shipping profile and make sure that you charge a high enough price to absorb the cost. Be careful doing this with international shipping, which may be more expensive.

Special Considerations For Multiple-Product Listings

OrbitKit allows (and even encourages) you to to create listings that offer more than one product. For example, you could offer a tee, hoodie, and mug in the same listing. Which shipping profile should you use?

OrbitKit offers a special "smart" shipping profile configuration. However, the behavior varies by platform:

Smart Profile for Shopify

Fortunately, Shopify's shipping profiles can handle this case naturally. Shipping profiles are attached to variants, not whole product listings. If you configure the "OrbitKit Smart" shipping profile in your venue or blueprint, each variant within the listing will receive the appropriate OrbitKit profile (Apparel for apparel, Mugs for mugs).

If a customer purchases a tee and a mug, they will be correctly charged the "first tee item" ($3.99 in the US) plus "first mug item" ($5.50 in the US) shipping fees.

Smart Profile for Etsy

Etsy's shipping profiles are less sophisticated, and apply only to a whole listing. If you place a mug and a tee in the same listing, they must share the same shipping profile. There are two options:

  1. Only include items that will ship together (that share a shipping profile) in the same listing. Eg one listing for tees and hoodies, a separate listing for mugs.

  2. Use a shipping profile with a fee high enough (combined with your product price) to ensure you have a reasonable margin no matter which combination of products are ordered.

If you use the "OrbitKit Smart" profile with Etsy, OrbitKit will pick the shipping profile for the most expensive-to-ship product in your blueprint.

If this is confusing or if you have further questions, reach out to OrbitKit support. We are always happy to help guide you.

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