How does syncing work?
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OrbitKit tries to make your design database as "live" as possible - it doesn't just abandon exhibits after they are published to venues.

If you change the name, description, or tags of your designs (even in bulk using the bulk editor), OrbitKit will re-sync this data to anywhere it has been published. It may take a while if you change thousands of designs (we don't want to overwhelm the platforms!) but it will eventually complete.

If you change an OrbitKit Fulfillment (Etsy/Shopify) blueprint (which is all done inside the OrbitKit app), OrbitKit will re-sync these changes to listings. However, if you make changes to a blueprint at Printful, Redbubble, TeePublic, etc (say, to change pricing or product colors), then OrbitKit has no way of knowing about the changes. There are manual "Sync Exhibits" buttons on the OrbitKit pages for Venues and Blueprints (and for individual exhibits on the Design page).


When OrbitKit syncs, it overwrites whatever is published at the venue. If you edit your designs at the venue afterwards, OrbitKit may overwrite your changes later! Even if you do nothing - sometimes we find minor issues in the publishing process and re-sync exhibits on your behalf. It's best to treat OrbitKit as the master database.

If you want to edit your listings by hand, read "What if I want to manually edit my exhibits?"

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