Why are my credentials bad?

Why venue credentials become invalid

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OrbitKit pauses your venue and sends you an email when it notices your credentials go from good to bad.

The overwhelming majority of the time, this is for a venue that uses Airlock to authenticate, and someone clicked the Logout button on their website.  When you click Logout, the platforms destroy the credentials that OrbitKit saved. Even if you log in to the website again, the old credentials that OrbitKit saved will no longer work.

The solution to this is to log into the venue and run Airlock again. If you need to switch between multiple accounts at a single platform, we have a howto for that. Just don't click the Logout button!

Another thing to keep in mind: When logging into the POD platform's website, be sure to click "remember me" if there is an option for it. Otherwise the credentials that Airlock saves off will expire.

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