OrbitKit Fulfillment is our built-in print-on-demand service that allows OrbitKit to publish listings directly on Shopify (and soon, others). By automating many of the steps that other print companies do by hand, OrbitKit fulfillment can provide your customers with:

  • Exceptional quality. Our prints look and feel noticeably better than our competitors'.
  • Fast turnaround. We usually ship in under 36 hours.
  • Competitive pricing.

By deeply integrating OrbitKit with Shopify (and soon, others), we can offer the complete OrbitKit experience - full and reliable syncing of all aspects of your designs and blueprints.

Activating Fulfillment

OrbitKit Fulfillment does not require a subscription; you are charged only when we print orders for you. However, you must activate OrbitKit Fulfillment and put a credit card on file so that we can process your orders. If you deactivate OrbitKit Fulfillment or we cannot charge your card, orders may be delayed or rejected.

Activate OrbitKit Fulfillment from your Settings page:

More information about pricing and billing can be found on the Fulfillment Pricing page.

Using Fulfillment

OrbitKit Fulfillment works just like regular OrbitKit!

  • Create a Shopify Venue and connect it to your Shopify store
  • Create one or more Blueprints using OrbitKit's new builtin blueprint editor
  • Publish your designs with these Blueprints

OrbitKit will create complete product listings for your designs in your Shopify store. You do not need to set up shipping; OrbitKit will set up a delivery profile for these listings that matches our shipping prices. See the Shopify Setup page for a walkthrough.

When a customer purchases a product:

  • OrbitKit is automatically notified by Shopify of the fulfillment request.
  • OrbitKit will accept the fulfillment request (it will appear as "fulfilled" in the Shopify admin console).
  • OrbitKit will begin printing the order.
  • You will be charged for the order (once per day for all orders during that day).
  • The order will be shipped. The Shopify order will be updated with a tracking number and this information will be emailed to the customer.

OrbitKit as Master Database

As with all other platforms to which OrbitKit publishes, we assume that you will treat OrbitKit as the master database. Changes to your designs at OrbitKit (say, adding a tag) will be automatically synced to your published listings at Shopify.

This means that changes you make to your products at Shopify (title, descriptions, tags, pricing, etc) can be overwritten by OrbitKit. We do not recommend that you edit your Shopify listings directly. If you want to edit a listing after it has been published, freeze the exhibit first.

Note that you can use smart tags at Shopify to categorize your product listings.


Since we want to be able to guarantee quick turnaround and shipping, we are rolling on new products slowly and carefully. If you need custom doggie blankets right away, you can still use OrbitKit with Printful!

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