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Release Notes

What's new at OrbitKit?

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2024-06-01 Sad News, I'm Afraid

We've decided to wind down OrbitKit. The reverse-engineered pod site integrations have been getting harder to maintain while at the same time business has been declining. It's time to make a graceful exit.

We're committed to keeping everything running long enough for you to get your data exported. Between the metadata exporter and the artwork downloader you should be able to extract a complete copy of your organized library. If you're nontechnical, we will help you with that process.

All of your published listings on POD marketplaces continue to work as they are. Active listings on Etsy and Shopify that are fulfilled by us will need to be migrated to a different service such as Printful or Printify.

We're targeting August 1 as the final end date for OrbitKit. After that all private data will be irrecoverably deleted. Also at that time the support chat window will stop working, though you can still email us at

If you subscribed recently, reach out and we'll refund you.

For the ~7 years OrbitKit has been in business, it has been an honor to be able to making a living writing software for you. It was never a wildly successful business, but it was enough. We know we're disappointing those of you that love OrbitKit, but the time has come.

2023-12-27 Basic Youth Sweatshirts

There's now a basic youth sweatshirt in the fulfillment catalog (the Gildan 18000B).

2023-12-14 Basic Youth Hoodies

In addition to the premium youth hoodie, we have added a basic youth hoodie to the OrbitKit fulfillment catalog. It's the Gildan 18500B, $18.

2023-12-07 Printify Sync Options

To make it easier to manually adjust some aspects of Printify listings, we added sync options to the Printify integration.

2023-10-27 More Colors for Women's Premium V-Neck Tee

The Women's Premium V-Neck Tee (Bella 6405) is now offered in many colors besides black. As always, you can update your blueprint(s) and OrbitKit will automatically update your listings at Shopify/Etsy.

2023-10-26 New Product: Heavyweight Tees

We've added Heavyweight Tees to OrbitKit fulfillment. This is the Comfort Colors 1717 and is available in black and white. It prints at Awkward Styles and Jakprints.

2023-08-17 New Printer: OPT

We have a new printer integrated into our fulfillment system. OPT is a large printer based in Prague, Czechia.

2023-08-16 New Sync Options for Shopify

Shopify now has two new sync options: "Ignore First Manually Uploaded Image" and "Ignore All Manually Uploaded Images". These have long been available for Etsy, now they can be used for Shopify as well.

2023-05-22 Custom Mockup Defaulting Behavior

We made a small change to the behavior of custom mockup styles. If you are using custom mockups, but haven't created a mockup for one of the colors you have enabled in your blueprint, you'll get the default mockup (instead of a broken exhibit).

2023-05-13 Custom Tokens In Text Templates

In your blueprint text templates, you can add custom tokens that are replaced with your own text. You can also override the built-in tokens like {{product}}.

2023-05-12 - Zazzle Is Back!

Zazzle integration is available, through Airlock/Satellite Sync. The documentation is here. As this is a wholly new integration (code-wise), please let us know if you find any issues.

2023-05-08 - Printful Publishing Resumed

The API changes were pretty significant, and we can't test every combination of product and store type. Please let us know if anything Printful-related isn't working the way you expect.

2023-05-04 - New Approach To Duplicate Uploads

You now have your choice of strategies for handling duplicate uploads. On your settings page, you can choose from:

  1. Prevent duplicate raw image files (the default, and recommended)

  2. Prevent duplicate uploads based on filename

  3. Allow duplicates in your library

In addition, if a design has potential duplicates (matching image or filename), they are shown on a "Possible Duplicates" card on the design detail page.

2023-05-03 Additional Tags in Text Templates

You can add "additional tags" to your blueprint text templates. These tags will be added to the end of any exhibit published with that blueprint.

2023-04-04 Rotate Custom Mockups

If your custom mockups are not vertical, you can now rotate the printable area so that artwork aligns with the product.

2023-03-17 Mockup Watermarks

You can add a watermark to your mockups, venue-wide, on your venue detail page. Use a 2000x2000 png, mostly transparent.

2023-03-15 Shipping Cost Reduced

Thanks to Jakprints and Awkward Styles, we've managed to reduce the price of US shipping for most orders. Tee shipping is down about $0.20, hoodie shipping about a buck.

Some of this comes from using DHL instead of USPS. DHL had a middling track record in Q4 last year; if they start to have trouble this year we may switch back, and and shipping cost will increase. In the mean time, enjoy cheaper shipping!

2023-03-01 Update On How Queue Positions Work

In the past, you could "Prioritize these first" to change the order that WAITING exhibits became PUBLISHING. With the rollout of unlimited publishing, there is no longer a WAITING state. There is still a queue; "Prioritize these first" operates on PUBLISHING, UPDATING, or DELETING exhibits and will move them to the front of the queue.

2023-02-26 New Product: Women's Deep V-Neck Tee

The Bella 6035. A slim-fit tee with a little more... exposure.

2023-02-25 New Product: Racerback Tanks

We've added a not-flowy racerback tank. This is the Next Level 1533.

2023-02-22 OrbitKit Plus "Pro" Plan Is Now Unlimited

In the past, the Pro plan had a limit of 20 exhibits per platform per day. OrbitKit Pro no longer imposes a limit - it will publish until the platform says "you've published too many today" and then pick up again tomorrow.

Pardon the dust while we update the documentation and adjust the UI.

2023-02-17 New Product: Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuits

The Rabbit Skins 4411 is now available in the fulfillment catalog.

2023-02-17 New Product: Flowy Racerback Tanks

The Bella 8800 is now available in the fulfillment catalog.

2023-02-16 New Product: Baby Bodysuits

Baby bodysuits are now in the fulfillment catalog. This is primarily the Rabbit Skins 4400, with the 4424 as a substitution.

2023-02-14 More Premium Hoodie/Sweatshirt Sizes

Most colors of Premium Hoodie and Premium Sweatshirt are now available in XS and 3XL too. Resync your fulfillment exhibits to offer the new sizes (and update the size charts in your listings).

2023-02-13 New Women's Tee Products

Two additions/changes to women's tees in the fulfillment catalog:

  • There's now a Women's Slim-Fit Tee. This is the Bella 6004.

  • The previous Women's Tee (which is a Bella 6400) is now explicitly named "Women's Relaxed Tee" and is available in an additional size (3XL).

You can adjust your blueprints and OrbitKit will update your listings. If you already have Relaxed tee in your blueprints and you just want to add the new 3XL size to your listings, hit the resync button.

2023-02-13 Awkward Styles Integrated

A new printer (Awkward Styles) is now live. Awkward's facility is in Los Angeles so most fulfillment orders in the western United States will tend to route there.

2023-02-09 New Invoice Format

The format for fulfillment invoices has changed. The new invoices breakdown charges by order instead of product, which should be easier to understand.

2023-02-08 New Product Colors

The new printer integrations have allowed us to expand the color selection for many of the products we offer in the fulfillment catalog, while still maintaining redundancy.

2023-02-02 Price Drop for 2XL+ Sizes

I'll bet you never expected to hear about print-on-demand prices going down!

Our new printer integrations (Jakprints, and soon Awkward Styles) allow us to offer more colors in big (up to 5XL) sizes and reduce the surcharge for large sizing. Most big sizes are a couple bucks (!) cheaper.

Large size surcharges are automatically baked into your orbitkit-created listings. We've already dropped the prices you are charged for fulfillment; if you want to reduce the surcharge your Etsy or Shopify customers pay, just resync your exhibits.

2023-02-01 Jakprints Integrated

We have launched a new printer integration for fulfillment: Jakprints. The full print catalog has been restored, including premium hoodies and sweatshirts!

If you switched your premium fleece to the basic version in your blueprints, you can edit your blueprints and OrbitKit will update your listings.

2023-01-23 Sudden Printforia Shutdown

Printforia just informed us that they are shutting down immediately ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • We have temporarily remapped premium hoodies and sweatshirts (which were only printed by Printforia) to the basic versions. You don't need to do anything; your blueprints remain the same, but line items will appear in OrbitKit as if the customer had purchased a basic SKU.

  • We have disabled product colors and sizes that were Printforia-only. You don't need to do anything; your marketplace listings will be updated automatically.

  • We are rerouting existing orders that had been sent to Printforia. We may need to reach out to you on an order-by-order basis and change colors or sizes that are no longer available.

  • We are ignoring all requests for gift messages. This may be permanent.

We are in the process of onboarding two large US-based printers and getting an expanded catalog from Duplium. The full catalog should be restored in about two weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out in the online chat.

2023-01-17 Fix Slow Satellite Sync

If you're experiencing slow publishing via Satellite Sync, please read the updated documentation. There is also a FAQ.

2023-01-06 New Airlock UI

You may have noticed that Airlock looks a bit different. Satellite Sync now reports significantly more information about what it's doing, and you can reschedule failed syncs to avoid the usual wait period.

2022-12-21 Redbubble Improvements

We released a new Airlock version that should solve the positioning and stalling problems that some of you have been experiencing with Redbubble. Look for version 2.0.11.

Positioning logic can now be updated without submitting new versions of Airlock to the chrome web store. If you notice any artwork mispositioned on any products, please contact support and let us know the specific exhibit and product.

2022-12-05 Mockup Generator API

2022-11-27 Redbubble Stalling Issues Fixed

The issue causing Redbubble publishing to stall out has been fixed and a new Airlock has been submitted to the Chrome Web Store. Look for Airlock version 2.0.9.

2022-11-11 Redbubble Auth Issue - Fixed

There was a bug in Airlock that prevented authorization of new Redbubble venues. The fix has been published and should automatically download into Chrome, Airlock v2.0.5.

2022-11-06 Redubble Is Back

Redbubble publishing has resumed (at 2X the normal rate for now). This is a completely new integration based on Satellite Sync.

There is a caveat: Sync options no longer work. We've paused all Redbubble venues; if you are unworried about sync options, feel free to unpause your venue(s) and resume publishing. If you have questions, reach out and ask us.

2022-10-18 New Airlock Extension, TeePublic Back

A completely new version of Airlock (the OrbitKit chrome extension) is available and should automatically update in your browser. Instead of a popup dialog, clicking the airlock button now creates a tab. This tab must be loaded to publish using Satellite sync (it should make sense when you try it).
With this new Airlock, TeePublic is now publishing again. We have doubled everyone's TeePublic publishing rate for the time being. We're still working on Redbubble.

2022-09-16 European Fulfillment

We have enabled TShirt And Sons (Netherlands) as a printer. You don't need to do anything; suitable orders for European customers will automatically be routed to TSAS. Faster delivery and cheaper shipping!

2022-09-13 Redbubble, TeePublic paused

Looks like Redbubble and TeePublic made some changes that will require significant engineering effort to adapt to. We're working on it, but in the mean time publishing to those two platforms is paused. We will update this message when we have further information.

2022-09-09 Fulfillment 2.0

We're starting to roll out the features for what we have been calling "Fulfillment 2.0". The main change is that you are getting a lot more visibility (and eventually, control) over print routing. The current set of changes:

  • The physical printers are now visible in OrbitKit.

  • You can see the capabilities of each printer (which products, which colors, which sizes, gift message support, etc).

  • Shipping charges are now specific to each printer (especially relevant for printing in other geographic regions).

Expect to see more announcements in the next few days.

2022-09-09 Basic Hoodies and Sweatshirts

We added basic hoodies and sweatshirts to the catalog. These are $2 cheaper than the premium versions. The main advantage is that the basic versions are printed by multiple printers, so fulfillment times should be more consistent.

2022-08-17 Etsy Reconnect

Etsy has restored all of the authorization keys they accidentally disabled. However, if your OrbitKit dashboard shows a "You are using a legacy auth token" warning next to a venue health check, please reconnect it sometime soon.

2022-05-10 Please Reconnect Printful

Printful changed the way apps like OrbitKit connect to their API. Your Printful venues will continue to work (for now), but at your earliest convenience please reconnect OrbitKit to your Printful venues.

2022-04-07 Geographic Order Routing

Big change! We have been busy onboarding new printers. OrbitKit Fulfillment now routes orders to the geographically closest printer to the customer (to minimize shipping time), taking into account live inventory (to minimize delays). Orders ship from US Northwest, US Northeast, US Southeast, and Canada - with more to come.

2022-04-06 Printful & Printify Are Free

Publishing from OrbitKit to Printful & Printify is now free and unlimited!

2022-03-30 Tank Tops Are Back

Tank tops have been permanently restored to the catalog. Add them to your blueprints and OrbitKit will automatically sync your listings.

2022-03-01 Fulfillment Price Increases

Fulfillment price increase is now in effect. A full breakdown of the price changes is here. Sorry - we aren't happy about this either!

2022-02-01 Gift Messages

If you have gift messages enabled in Etsy, OrbitKit will include them with your orders. If you want gift messages for your Shopify store, reach out to support - it's possible, but must be customized to your theme.

2022-01-24 Youth Hoodies

OrbitKit now offers a youth hoodie, typically the Tultex 320Y.

2022-01-10 Tall Tees

OrbitKit now offers a Tall T-Shirt for fulfillment (the Hanes 518T) in Black, Grey Heather, Navy, Red, Royal, and White. It's about 3" longer than the standard tee.

2022-01-07 Custom Mockups!

You can now use your own mockup images with OrbitKit. You supply the blank for each product/color; OrbitKit draws your artwork on the blank when publishing to Etsy or Shopify. Documentation is here.

2021-12-08 Out Of Stock - Basic Tee, Dark Grey Heather

The basic tee in dark grey heather has disappeared from the supply chain with no ETA. Orders for these will be automatically held by OrbitKit; you will receive an email and given the opportunity to edit the order. You can change the color or switch to the premium tee (which is still available in dark grey heather).

Orders that are already in-flight will be fulfilled with the premium tee (at our expense). We've kicked off updates to listings that sell this color. You do not need to update your blueprints.

2021-11-22 Automatic Translation

OrbitKit can automatically translate your titles, descriptions, and tags using DeepL. There's some documentation here.

2021-09-24 Artwork Size Option

OrbitKit has always inspected your artwork and tastefully positioned it on products. For fulfillment (Etsy and Shopify) blueprints, you now have a new option ("MAX") which will make it as big as we possibly can. It's smart about different product sizes, too.

2021-09-23 Women's V-Neck Tees

We now offer a Premium Women's V-Neck Tee for fulfillment, in one color (black). This is typically the Bella 6405.

2021-09-15 Mockup Backgrounds

You can add a custom background to your OrbitKit-generated mockups on Etsy and Shopify. Backgrounds must be 2000x2000 pixels. Add them on your blueprint pages; listings will automatically be updated.

2021-08-24 Italian Language

You can now store Italian translations for your designs. These will be used at Etsy, Spreadshirt, and Tostadora.

2021-08-18 Editing Orders

You can once again edit held fulfillment orders normally. Look for the Edit buttons.

2021-07-29 Teespring now uses Satellite Sync

To help make publishing to Teespring more reliable we've moved the automation into your browser, similar to how our TeePublic integration works. If you already have your Teespring venue setup in Airlock, all you need to do is make sure you're currently logged into Teespring in your browser and Satellite Sync is turned on. If you're setting up a Teespring venue from scratch, read this and this and let us know if you run into any snags.

2021-06-28 TeePublic Is Back!

TeePublic has been re-enabled, using a new approach to automation that we are calling Satellite Sync. This is a pretty big departure from the way OrbitKit usually works, and it's pretty experimental. Read this and this and let us know how it works.

2021-06-23 Premium Youth Tee

The Bella 3001Y youth tee is available in the fulfillment catalog.

2021-06-02 Catalog Changes Rolled Out

The catalog changes have been made, and your listings are being updated (if allowed by sync profiles, of course). In most cases we have merged Hoodie and Premium Hoodie into into one category for you. We recommend you examine any blueprints that contain hoodies to verify the result.

2021-06-01 Weight Based Pricing Rolled Out

OrbitKit now charges weight based shipping. If you are using OrbitKit-created delivery profiles on Shopify or Etsy, these have been updated.

2021-05-26 Fulfillment Catalog Changes May 2021

Important! Some prices are changing. We're switching to weight-based shipping. And there are new hoodie / sweatshirt blanks. Please read more.

2021-04-21 Print Quality Comparison

Printforia (who prints our apparel) released a detailed comparison of their print quality (on a basic tee) vs a few popular printers on Printify. It's basically an Ovaljet vs Kornit comparison, and the difference is pretty dramatic.

2021-04-10 Blueprint Template Behavior Changes

Minor changes to the way blueprint templates work:

  • Tags now begin at 1 instead of 0. Thus {{tag1}} is the first tag.

  • The {{title}} token renders the design title text without processing it by the blueprint template title first.

We've edited all existing templates to compensate. You don't need to take action, but if you use templates, you might want to read the example at the end of the documentation.

2021-04-08 Black Mugs

OrbitKit can now put a black background on your mugs. More details, including a picture here.

2021-03-27 Impending Fulfillment Products Price Changes

Just a heads up - our shipping costs have gone up. For hoodies, the costs have gone up substantially. We're still working out the details, but part of the change will be a shift to weight-based pricing for shipping. More news soon.

2021-03-25 Mugs!

You can now add an 11oz coffee mug to your fulfillment blueprints and your listings will automatically be updated. This is the first of many new non-apparel products coming down the line. Be sure to read the documentation about shipping profiles.

2021-03-07 Society6 - Re-authenticate With Airlock

S6 changed their auth system. You will need to re-authenticate using the Airlock chrome extension, then unpause your venue(s).

2021-02-15 - Shirtee

We've added support for publishing to Shirtee. More info here.

2021-01-30 - Teespring Fixed

Teespring is running again after some major changes to their UI. You might need to reconnect with Airlock.

2021-01-06 - Teepublic Integration Down

Bad news here. Teepublic added some fairly extreme anti-bot measures that will probably block OrbitKit for the foreseeable future. We are investigating workarounds but do not have a timeline.

2021-01-05 - Tostadora

We've added support for publishing to Tostadora. Currently in beta status, you can publish apparel and masks to their US, UK, French and Italian sites. More info here.

2020-12-26 - Archetypes as Presets When Manually Exhibiting

This one is a little hard to explain but should be clear enough when you use the Manually Exhibit dialog. Instead of clicking each blueprint you want, you can pick an archetype which will select the relevant set of blueprints. Screenshot.

2020-12-23 - Hold Orders For Time Period

You can now specify a (venue- or blueprint-specific) time period to hold orders. If you want to give yourself a guaranteed two hour window to make changes, you can.

2020-12-22 - Order Editing, Cancelling, Holding

You can now edit (and cancel) orders in the OrbitKit UI. There is a narrow window of opportunity for this before orders are too far along in the print process. To extend that window, you can also hold orders by default. More documentation here.

2020-12-18 - Spreadshirt Auth Issues Resolved

Spreadshirt venues should once again work normally.

2020-12-10 - Long Sleeve Tees

Long-sleeved tees are now available for OrbitKit Fulfillment. Add them to your multi-product listings!

2020-12-06 - Archetype Cleared On Some Designs

We recently found a bug that allowed folks to manually exhibit designs that had an archetype. Those manual exhibits were at risk of being "cleaned up" at any time! To be safe, we've cleared the archetype of any designs in this state. If you'd like some expert help organizing your archetypes, reach out and we'll be happy to assist.

2020-12-03 - Significant SKU Changes - Important!

To ensure fast print times through the holidays, we are rolling out some significant changes to our product assortment (disabling hard-to-source colors, changing tee models). This doesn't require you to take action - we will sync listings - but please read the full announcement.

2020-12-02 - Shopify Setup Video

If you're looking for a little help getting set up with Shopify, here's a full walkthrough designed for the novice OrbitKit user.

2020-11-24 - Society6 Backgrounds

You are no longer limited to just white backgrounds at Society6! Create a blueprint with a dark background and sell on many more products. See the documentation here.

2020-11-11 - Etsy Shop Sections

We added more ways to determine what section your Etsy listings should be in, including the ability to infer it from your design's tags. Documentation.

2020-11-09 - Full Internationalization At Etsy

OrbitKit will now publish text in whatever languages you have enabled in your Etsy shop (and have stored at OrbitKit).

2020-11-07 - Keep Manually Uploaded Images At Etsy

There's a new sync option for Etsy: Ignore Manually Uploaded Images. This lets OrbitKit update mockup images while preserving mockups that you have uploaded by hand.

2020-11-04 Sync Profiles

You can now customize what parts of a listing are synchronized between OrbitKit and the POD platforms. If you want more manual control, this is for you!

2020-10-23 Custom Roles and Permissions

You can now create custom roles with limited permissions. More documentation here.

2020-10-19 Create Order API

You can create manual fulfillment orders via the API. More documentation here.

2020-10-13 Fulfillment Product Stock Levels

When configuring Etsy/Shopify blueprints, OrbitKit now shows you which colors are most thoroughly stocked and will have the fastest fulfillment times. More information here.

2020-10-10 Etsy Shop Section

You can configure the Shop Section for listings in your Etsy blueprints.

2020-10-09 Improved Multi-Product Etsy Listings

All sizes and colors can now be offered in multi-product listings at Etsy, and you can now customize how variations are shown. More explanation here.

2020-10-05 Multiple-Product Listings For Shopify & Etsy

Sell tshirts, hoodies, tanks, etc in a single listing! Documentation is here.

2020-09-19 Place Orders Manually

You can now place fulfillment orders manually. If you create a Manual Venue, your design library becomes a product catalog, complete with shopping cart! More documentation here.

2020-09-19 Search For "has tags"/"no tags"

Try searching for @TAG and !@TAG.

2020-09-19 Order Notes

You can attach private notes (for your benefit only) to Orders.

2020-09-14 Brief Fulfillment Delay

Due to intense wildfires and terrible air quality in the US pacific northwest, fulfillment was delayed for a couple days while the print team installed air scrubbers. Production has resumed and the backlog is gone.

2020-08-26 Etsy Shipping Profile

If you connect (or reconnect) your Etsy venue, OrbitKit will create a shipping profile that mirrors our shipping prices.

2020-08-17 Direct Etsy Integration

You can now use Etsy with OrbitKit Fulfillment. Documentation is here.

2020-08-06 Price Drop!

We dropped the price of OrbitKit Everywhere subscriptions. Starter is $29/mo, Pro is $59/mo. These will automatically take effect on your next billing.

2020-07-24 Expanded Developer API

Several new endpoints (venues, blueprints, exhibits) have been added to the OrbitKit Developer API.

2020-07-23 Download Your Artwork

If you'd like to bulk download your artwork to your computer, we provide a helpful tool to make that easier.

2020-07-21 Drag To Select

You can drag to rubber-band select designs instead of clicking checkboxes.

2020-06-23 Partial CSV Downloads

You can download CSV metadata for a subset of your designs by selecting those designs on the Designs page and clicking on the orange action button bottom right corner. Also, CSV generation is much faster, even for very large libraries.

2020-06-15 Searching and Sorting Fulfillment Orders

The fulfillment orders page now has filtering and sorting options just like designs and exhibits. For assistance, look for the help drawer icon '?' in the top right corner.

2020-06-09 Simple Tag Ordering

By popular demand, tag order is now design-specific rather than global to your organization. Reordering tags on one design will not affect other designs. Note that you must now explicitly order tags on all new designs uploaded to OrbitKit!

2020-05-28 Printful Mockup Styles

You can now configure the mockup style used when publishing Printful exhibits. There is a setting on the blueprint edit page.

2020-05-28 Fine Art America Background Color

For FAA blueprints, you can now choose the background color directly on the OrbitKit blueprint edit page. No more mucking with the blueprint listing's description.

2020-05-21 Language Sensitive UI

In the top-right corner of the OrbitKit window there is a language selector. If you switch it to (for example) german, the UI will display the german translations for your designs and searches will search the german text.

2020-05-19 Mockup Quality Options

For Shopify venues, you can now select high-quality PNG mockups or fast-loading JPG mockups. Check your venue detail page.

2020-05-06 Youth Tees

Youth tees are now available for OrbitKit Fulfillment. We have also added heather colors to most products.

2020-05-04 Faster Queue Processing

Since everyone is trying to sync their entire libraries to add face masks, we've seen some deep queues develop. We have rolled out major changes to ensure both faster processing and more "fair" prioritization.

2020-04-24 Shopify Shipping Profiles

You can now configure which shipping profile is used for products published to Shopify (OrbitKit Shipping Rates is now just one of the options). We've also significantly lowered international shipping prices to many popular worldwide locations!

2020-04-24 Face Masks

Redbubble and SpreadshirtEU have both released face masks. If you would like to update your listings, just enable them in your blueprint and re-sync the exhibits for that blueprint. Note: Due to the sudden rush, it might take a while to update everything. 2020-04-27: TeePublic too. 2020-04-30: Fine Art America too

2020-04-15 OrbitKit Fulfillment for Shopify Is Live!

You can now use OrbitKit Fulfillment to publish and sell products on Shopify. The documentation is here. Video walkthroughs coming soon!

2020-03-24 -- Favorite Tags

You can drag tags into the sidebar where they will remain bookmarked until you drag them off. Click on them to select those designs. Handy for quick access to your niches or other high level organizational tags.

2020-03-23 -- Private Tags

You can add tags that start with $. These tags are private to OrbitKit to help you organize your library. They are not published to venues. Eg, $topseller.

2020-01-17 -- Printful Credentials Reset

Printful reset everyone's "remember me", so all Printful venues need to be re-authenticated with Airlock.

2019-12-28 -- Spreadshirt Requires Airlock

Spreadshirt venues must be re-authenticated using the Airlock chrome extension (check for v1.0.14 or newer). We have paused all Spreadshirt venues and purged old credentials. Don't forget to unpause your venues after you run Airlock!

2019-11-01 -- TeePublic Product Scaling

We used to use TeePublic's default scaling for most products. Now we draw scaling instructions from the blueprint for all products except apparel. Apparel still seems to work best with TP's default positioning.

2019-10-20 -- TeePublic Is Running Full Speed

Your full quota should publish to TeePublic each day. Make sure your tag orders are as intended (especially the first tag for each design) and doublecheck the sizing for phone cases and pillows in your blueprints!

2019-10-05 -- TeePublic!

You can now publish to TeePublic with OrbitKit. Be sure to read the documentation.

2019-09-11 -- Text Templates for Designs and Blueprints

You can now put special tokens in your design titles & descriptions (eg {{title}}, {{tag0}}) and also create special templates for everything published with particular blueprints. Documentation is here.

2019-07-31 -- Multiple Sides for Printful

OrbitKit now handles blueprints with multiple print sides. See the documentation for how this works.

2019-07-22 -- New Video on Venues, Blueprints, and Exhibits

Struggling to understand OrbitKit's publishing model? Check out this new video.

2019-07-17 -- International Text In CSV Import/Export

CSV export and import now includes all languages, not just English.

2019-07-05 -- Redbubble Errors Fixed

Redbubble added a few new product types, which prevented you from creating new blueprints at OrbitKit. This has been fixed.

2019-06-21 -- Queue Position

You can now see WAITING exhibits' queue positions on the Exhibits page. Note that each platform has a separate queue, so you will see #1 several times (once for each platform).

2019-06-17 -- Sorting Designs & Exhibits

You can now sort the designs and exhibits listing pages.

2019-06-13 -- 'Mature' Designs

You can now flag designs as 'mature', which will change their publishing behavior on some POD platforms. More documentation here.

2019-06-06 -- Manager Roles

You can now restrict access of your Organization's users (eg VAs) by assigning them roles. More documentation here.

2019-05-30 -- Reauthenticate Printful with Airlock

Due to a change in Printful's auth system, you must re-authenticate your Printful venues using the Airlock chrome extension (just like Redbubble). You will need v1.0.10 or later of Airlock (Google should update you automatically).

2019-05-25 -- Printful Update

Printful integration is much improved. Mugs and two-layer items work, positioning is better. If you find any other issues, reach out.

2019-04-29 -- Printful Integration

You can publish to Printful stores. This is new and still somewhat experimental - please read the documentation carefully. P.S. Printify is coming soon too!

2019-04-17 -- Import From Redbubble

In addition to Spreadshirt, we can now import your library directly from Redbubble. Details on the Import/Export page.

2019-04-16 -- Reauthenticate Teespring with Airlock

Due to some changes at Teespring, you must reconnect your Teespring venues using the Airlock chrome extension (just like Redbubble). Sorry for the inconvenience!

2019-04-16 -- CafePress Reauthentication

CafePress just changed everyone's passwords. You'll need to create a new password at (log out, then log in again) and reauthenticate your CafePress venues. Then you can unpause them.

2019-04-03 -- Manually Edit Exhibits

OrbitKit now lets you mark exhibits to prevent their product assortment, colors, pricing, and positioning from being overwritten during an OrbitKit resync. More details here.

2019-03-28 -- Import From Spreadshirt

OrbitKit can now import your existing design library directly from Spreadshirt. Check out the Import/Export page for details. Coming soon: Redbubble!

2019-03-19 -- Teespring Rate Limiting

Teespring is applying low rate limits to some accounts (probably based on trust score). If you hit the limit, you may see a small warning timer on your OrbitKit venue while it cools off.

2019-03-12 -- Update to Redbubble Positioning

We found an issue with artwork positioning too high on some Redbubble products. We have corrected that issue and are re-synchronizing the affected exhibits. This may take 1-2 days.

2019-03-08 -- New Redbubble & CafePress Positioning

The Redbubble positioning logic is now much smarter -- we now automatically center artwork on square products, even if your images contain asymmetric transparent borders. CafePress got an IQ boost too - consider resynchronizing your RB and CafePress exhibits.

2019-03-04 -- Referrals: 20% Revenue Share!

We have added 20% recurring revenue to our referral program - and folks who sign up with your offer code get a special discount. If you like OrbitKit, let people know! Read the program details.

2019-02-05 -- Developer API

We've published the beginnings of a developer API. If you'd like to automate OrbitKit, check out the developer documentation.

2019-01-30 -- Design By Humans!

You can now publish your designs to Design By Humans. Integration notes are here. As usual with new integrations, keep an eye out for anything amiss.

2018-12-20 -- CafePress Sizing/Positioning

We rewrote the sizing & positioning logic for CafePress. If you didn't like how designs were positioned before, you can re-sync your exhibits and OrbitKit will reposition the artwork.

2018-12-14 -- Bulk Edit Enhancements

You can now use the bulk edit tool to change metadata for languages other than English. You can also now set the title of designs.

2018-12-06 -- Internationalized Text!

You can optionally specify the title, description, and tags for your designs in German, French, and Spanish. These will be published to platforms that support multiple languages. See the docs for more.

2018-12-06 -- Replace Artwork

You can now replace the artwork image of designs. This can be useful if you need to upscale an image. This will not sync to already-published exhibits, but you can destroy/recreate those exhibits.

2018-11-25 -- Society6!

You can now publish your designs to Society6. Integration notes are here. It's beta, so let us know if anything seems amiss.

2018-11-15 -- Referral Program!

Refer your friends to OrbitKit and get free service! We'll automatically credit you with the first month's payment of anyone you refer. See this link (or your Settings page) for details.

2018-11-14 -- Pause / Unpause Exhibits

You can now pause exhibits (in bulk or individually). Paused exhibits will not be published (if they were WAITING) or synchronized (if they were READY). OrbitKit leaves them alone.

2018-11-06 -- Zazzle Paused

Zazzle says it's going to be weeks before they can fix the integration. We're looking into workarounds but for now we're stuck. We really feel bad about this so we're also working overtime on a new integration that has been frequently requested...

2018-11-01 -- Lower Price Tier

To accommodate folks with smaller design libraries, we've added a $35/mo tier that publishes 5 designs/platform/day. Reach out in the in-app chat if you'd like to switch!

2018-10-29 -- New Teespring For Everyone

We have enabled the new launcher for everyone. The queues are running a little behind but they'll catch up over the next couple days. If your account had CAPTCHA problems with Teespring in the past, now is the time to try again!

2018-10-23 -- New Exhibit States

We simplified the states of an exhibit and exposed the UPDATING state when a published exhibit is re-syncing. The happy path state diagram now goes WAITING -> PUBLISHING -> READY -> UPDATING -> READY.

2018-10-22 -- Pausing/Unpausing Venues

You can pause and unpause your own venues on the venue detail page. This will stop related exhibits going from WAITING to PUBLISHING.

2018-10-22 -- Image Resolution

OrbitKit displays the pixel resolution of design images on the design detail page and the designs list view.

2018-10-08 -- Spreadshirt Fixed

The "Duplicated content" error that affected a small percentage of Spreadshirt exhibits has been fixed. We are slowly republishing any that were BROKEN due to this error; you don't need to do anything.

2018-10-06 -- Better Archetypes UX

We condensed the archetypes listing page so it's easier to see at a glance. You have the option of picking archetypes from the blueprint edit page.

2018-09-29 -- Archetypes

This is the biggest change to OrbitKit we have made since launch! Please watch the video introduction.

2018-09-19 -- New Exhibits Actions

New bulk actions on Exhibits page: "Re-synchronize these" and "Replace blueprint".

2018-09-18 -- Checkboxes for Exhibits

You can select individual exhibits for actions on the Exhibits page. Works exactly the same way the Designs page works!

2018-09-13 -- Private notes

You can attach notes to designs for your own private bookkeeping purposes. This data is not sent to the PODs.

2018-09-12 -- Export, then import

We've completely revised the Import/Export process. You can now export all of your design metadata, bulk edit it in a spreadsheet, and upload it back into OrbitKit. This also allows you to make backups of your metadata.

2018-09-06 -- Twice the Spreadshirt!

We have split Spreadshirt into two separate platforms, North America and Europe. This means each gets a full quota of exhibits!

2018-09-05 -- Delete designs

You can now delete designs in bulk from the floating menu on the Designs page.

2018-08-30 -- Checkboxes!

You can select just a couple designs at a time for bulk operations. By default everything that matches the search is selected; if you manually check some designs, only they will be selected.

2018-08-26 -- New search help

Try the little help icon to the right of the search bar on the Designs and Exhibits pages. It will help you formulate queries such as searching by blueprint or by exhibit state.

2018-08-23 -- New exhibits page

Check out the new Exhibits page (or just click on one of the now-hotlinked numbers in the Exhibit Statistics card below). You can select exhibits by searching and move them to the front of the WAITING queue, re-enqueue BROKEN exhibits, shuffle priorities, and delete in bulk.

2018-07-07 -- Zazzle is now available!

This integration is more complicated than most, so
please read the guide carefully

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